You Shall Love Your Smart Phone with All Your Heart, Soul and Mind

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

girl on phone smallIf a person never opened a Bible, heard a sermon or read anything about Jesus they might guess that technology was an important issue to consider when talking about spiritual things. They would be right in ways they never dreamed. The amazing thing about the technology bubble we are living in today is so few can see what the Lord is trying to say to us through it all. If people could only understand the connection between our smart phones and the Lord Jesus Christ, we would be in the midst of a revival. Let the revival begin today with us.

It is no small observation to say that the smart phone has revolutionized life as we know it on planet Earth. The smart phone has combined the power of a desk top computer with a phone in ways no one ever thought possible. These phones are so much of people’s lives now that some people become anxious if they can’t find their phone….they panic. It is not just a phone anymore, a communication tool; for many it’s become their daily focus, if not an identity for a few. It now seems hard to imagine living without them.
However, there was another revolution that took place long ago that was far more significant to the world than any smart phone. The revolution I am talking about was when God revealed Himself to the world. Prior to that time; the world had many gods, religious beliefs and ideas about life and its’ purpose. Almost no one knew why they were born or why they died. Life was a mystery for much of the world as people tried to figure things out on their own. But, when the Lord finally revealed Himself to Israel and the world at the foot of Mt. Sinai in Exodus 19, the Lord started the real revolution of life….knowing and loving the Lord.

The BIG surprise at Mt. Sinai was that God so loved this world. The Lord gave us a few reminders in His commandments at Sinai to remind us of that love ………just in case we forgot. The Lord told us to love Him as a joyful response to His love. The Lord also gave us a seemingly strange way to keep His love before us at all times by tying His Word to our hands and foreheads according to Deuteronomy 6:4-8.
Now this great love story in the Old Testament finally found its culmination when the Lord Jesus Christ came to retell the same story in the New Testament. You see, Jesus was and is the God at Mt. Sinai that met Moses and the people of Israel. Our Lord told us again to love Him with all of our hearts, souls and minds in Matthew 22:37-38.
Isn’t it the surprise of surprises that in this age of technology we have tied our smart phones to our hands, heads and hearts all the time, just like the Lord called us to do with His love? The Lord has used our modern technology to teach us the same lesson that He was looking for at Mt. Sinai. The Lord wants us to be in touch with Him all the time. The Lord wants to get into our hearts, heads and hands with His love. The Lord wants to communicate with us each day. The Lord wants us to hear from Him, not just others. The Lord wants to be the center of our lives. The Lord doesn’t want to be replaced by a smart phone….or anything else for that matter.

As we step back and look at what is going on in this age of technology, how can we not be simply amazed? The Lord gave His love to us 3400 years ago at Mt. Sinai. This love story was meant to be tied to our hands, heads and hearts so that we would never forget the Lord. And now, after 34 centuries, the Lord has sovereignly moved to control all of history and its growing technology to bring that same, simple love story to the world. WOW!

My hope and prayer for all of us today is to “get it.” I hope and pray people are hearing from the Lord through this article. The Lord is calling. His ring tone may seem silent for some, but if we stop for a moment, hang up our smart phone, it can be heard. May all of us reflect on what this article is telling us and discover the Lord afresh through His great love story at the foot of the Cross.