Are You Excited about the Mystery?

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

BeholdHave you ever been bored going to church? I hate to admit it, but even pastors get bored at church on occasion. What bores me the most is when things seem too routine, too mechanical, too ordinary…..just going through the motions. When the Church gets taken over with programs and potlucks, there is a tendency for us to miss the excitement the Lord built into the Christian life. It can also become weary and even boring to hear yet another sermon on “How to Love Your Neighbor More.” Sure, we can all learn to love our neighbors more. What else is new? Is that it? My former preaching professor in seminary told our class that it is a terrible thing to bore people with the Gospel. He was right.

You see the ONE thing that is often missing from the modern Church world is a sense of excitement and wonder about our future with the Lord Jesus Christ. Thinking about that kind of thing thrills me. How about you? The Church was designed by the Lord to bring something fresh and alive to everyday life about the world to come. The Church was not meant to get stuck in just “doing better,” “ethics for daily living” or “how to be a better parent.” While those sermons and themes have a place, we all need a gust of wind to hit us in the face about the Lord’s BIG plans for us and our future. If the Church becomes too earthly minded it truly won’t be any heavenly good….and it will be boring.
It may come as a shock to many Christians today, but the early Church was excited about the Lord’s return and their Resurrection Day. The New Testament talks about this subject all the time…..not just a few isolated verses. The Lord wanted the Church to focus on her glorious future….to be more heavenly minded. You see when the Church is heavenly minded; it often translates to powerful earthly ministry. Such attitudes are infectious and draw others. Christians like that are energized to serve and often do more. How sad to think that living with this blessed hope of our future with the Lord is characterized by some as “crazy.” Is another potluck really the answer to renewing the Church’s passion for our Lord?

Now the Apostle Paul had the great privilege of teaching and sharing some wonderful revelation about our Lord’s return. Paul called it the “Blessed Hope” in Titus 2:13. Paul elaborated on the “Blessed Hope” by telling the Church about the great mystery of the coming Resurrection that is drawing near. Paul told the Church in I Corinthians 15:51-52 that one generation would not experience physical death, but would be changed into a new body like the Lord Jesus Christ…..while they were still alive. That is the mystery of history. You see right now, everyone believes all people are destined to die a physical death. The Bible clearly teaches that is NOT true. One generation will never experience physical death and that revelation was a mystery that was revealed to the Church AFTER our Lord Jesus Christ’s own glorious Resurrection.

Now imagine that… never physically taste death? Imagine that….to never need a grave or ever need to contact a funeral home or call the pastor? That is an exciting thought! And while potlucks and programs can be good, the heart of our faith has always been this future hope. This amazing truth is what seems to be largely lost in the Church world. This Blessed Hope is not preached from our pulpits. This Blessed Hope is not expected by very many Christians. This Blessed Hope is not being shared with others. This Blessed Hope may be controversial…….. But surely it is NOT boring.

The Church world may not all agree on some of this details of the Blessed Hope, but it is going to happen. We are going to be changed in the twinkling of an eye to be like the Lord Jesus Christ on Easter morning. The Easter Story is not over, it is just beginning! Our Lord was just the First Fruits of Resurrection Day as the Bible tells us in I Corinthians 15:23. The greatest, most astonishing part of the story is yet to come. How can we be silent at such a time when we are the Generation that will see it? Here’s to a living Blessed Hope for the Lord’s Church TODAY that is a birthright and foundation for every true believer.