The Christmas Clock: When Time Stopped and Eternity Began

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Big Ben2I was out driving the other day and saw an interesting billboard on the highway that said, "Keep Christ in Christmas." As Christmas draws near this year, there are groups of Christians that are deeply concerned with the increased secularization going on in America that has removed the Lord Jesus Christ from Christmas and turned it into some sort of winter holiday about who knows what. All of this is because there seems to be a quiet and maybe not so quiet war going on today against our Lord and His Church. These days it is getting harder for some to even say "Merry Christmas," let alone, "Jesus is the Savior of the World."

As America wrestles with political correctness at Christmas, the magnitude of the Lord Jesus Christ is being lost in this silly cultural battle not to offend anyone. Sadly, what people fail to remember is that every moment of time from now and on into eternity has its' origin starting at Christmas. You see Christmas is the event in history that connected time and eternity into one seamless story of God's plan to love the world. Most people would be surprised to know that all of time is marked from the day Christ was born. We live in the 2015th year since Christ was born. Sometimes you will see the designation 2015 A.D. referring to our current year. Those two capital letters following the year, "A.D." is a Latin abbreviation that stands for Anno Domini, which simply means "in the year of our Lord."
In addition to "A.D" you will also see "B.C." following a date in history, denoting "Before Christ" in reference to all time before our Lord was born. Those methods of marking time were foundational to the calendar of Western Civilization and our entire concept of reality and history. The bottom line of this chronology is that everything in history is about the Lord Jesus Christ. All events of life are connected to and marked by His life and either took place before or after His birth. Jesus truly is Lord of all and the center of time itself. This simple wonderful truth about time is something we hear almost nothing about today....even in the Church world.

Now in the last few years our secular culture has worked very hard to try and remove our understanding of time as it relates to Christ, Christmas and our daily lives. This is part of the hidden spiritual war on our Lord, Christmas and the Christian Faith. This agenda unfolded just a few years ago as people in academia and various quarters of our society began to implement a very clever plan to change our understanding of time. The plan was to change "A.D." to "C.E" and "B.C" to "B.C.E." This new politically correct change of time turned "A.D" into "C.E.", or the Common Era, and "B.C." into "B.C.E.", or Before the Common Era. The goal of this change was to turn our Lord's amazing birth and Lordship over the world into something "Common." That by definition is what we call secularization, turning the supernatural into the common and ordinary, totally removing God from the world and replacing Him with Man.

The reason why all of this is so important to note and understand is because we are all creatures of time. Time has made us prisoners in this life because the clock is winding down for all of us. We only have so much time on our calendar and then we DIE. Our human calendars are all designed to run out and come to an end. They offer NO hope; they just mark our time before our time runs out. That may not sound very uplifting, but is it true. This fear of passing time, as it relates to death, is the great enemy of us all. When we view time in this way our lives are very "common," if not meaningless. Seeing life as a meaningless flow of time and events before we die is surely a formula for despair and emptiness for everyone. Sadly, we see the effects of such thinking everywhere today.

However, when we accept time being marked from the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, everything changes......everything makes sense. Time is no longer just a few common, ordinary years passing by before our death. Time is a holy thing and each year is connected to and measured by its' relationship to the Lord of Time. The moment people start to get a handle on that, their lives become divine events that are connected to the Lord's plan. And since we live in the "A.D. of life" we are also living in eternity itself because our Lord never died, He rose again from the grave and time is no more. Every life connected to Him becomes an eternal life that will never end.

And so this 2015th Christmas since our Lord was born in Bethlehem is another rich year of hope, love, peace and joy because He lives forever more. Let's celebrate that glorious truth and wish everyone a "Merry Christmas."