Did Mary Need to Be a Virgin?

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Madonna-ChildIf there is one area of our lives under attack today it is our sexuality. Our politically correct culture, media, government and progressive "churches" are working hard to destroy any concept of "male" and "female" and any attempt to define sexuality and marriage. If any pastor, parishioner, pundit, or member of the general public raises any clear Biblical standards about these issues you end up with a large target on your back. Of course at a deeper level, we see this battle as a continued war against the Lord and His Image in the world, as seen through "male" and "female" from Genesis 1:26-27.

Enter the Christmas Story. Whatever anybody knows about Christmas, most may have heard that Mary was a virgin. People may not like it, believe it, understand it, try to revise it or ignore it.......but the Virgin Birth is front and center in the Bible in passages like Matthew 1:20 and Luke 1:34-35. The Virgin Birth of Christ is the clear teaching of the Bible. It has been held by the Church for over 2000 years as accepted orthodox doctrine in the Nicene and Apostle Creeds. Believe it or not, the Virgin Birth is even believed and held by Islam in the Koran of all places.....go figure.
Sadly, virginity has fallen on hard times today. Many people are just not comfortable talking about it. These days the idea of a woman being a virgin at the time of marriage, or any other time in her life, is often mocked as something "unnatural." In the place of "virginity," "chastity" and "monogamy," America has become the "hook-up culture" with an estimated 65 million people currently infected with an STD's (sexually transmitted disease)...about 1 in 5 of all Americans. The amount of pain, suffering and death that all of this has created is one of the most unreported stories of our day.

Now the reason the Lord Jesus Christ had to be born of a virgin is not because the Lord thinks sex is unnatural or sinful. The Lord created sex and blessed it as part of Creation in Genesis 1:28. The reason we needed the Virgin Birth is because Adam sinned and led the rest of us down the same path. Humanity has been infected with this sin, and it is deadly by the way....one out of one die right now. If Joseph had been Jesus' biological father all we would have is another sinful human being....not a joyous Christmas Story of love, redemption and Good News that got the angels excited in Bethlehem.

The Lord sent us a Savior because we needed someone without sin, someone without the baggage of Adam. We needed someone to come into this world that was untouched by this world's problems that could start things over again. We needed someone who had the right to redeem or bring us back to God. We needed someone whose sinless life, from conception through His Resurrection, gave Him the legal right to pay the price on the Cross for all the STD's, abortions, AIDS, "hook ups," adulteries, divorces, abandoned children and a 1000 other issues that come from what went wrong down here.

I find it amazing in the church world today that there is little teaching, preaching or discussion about the need for and glory of the Virgin Birth. The Virgin Birth seems to be one of the lost truths at Christmas and the Christian Faith. And yet, the Virgin Birth IS the Christmas Story. Perhaps it gets lost amidst all the shopping, parties, Christmas pageants and general busyness of the season. Let's not let it be lost from transforming our lives and churches this year.

When we recover and/or discover the Virgin Birth we recover and discover the real meaning of Christmas. When we understand the glory of what happened to Mary that first Christmas we gain a glimpse into what the Lord intends for us all. You see the wonder and surprise of Christmas is that Christ is birthed into our lives by God's amazing grace. The Lord Jesus Christ begins to grow in our lives and we are drawn into the Christmas Story on a personal level. You see the miracle and mystery of the Virgin Birth is the miracle and mystery our God's deepest work in our lives on a spiritual level, namely...."Christ in us, the hope of glory" (Colossians 1:27).

So this Christmas season, let's rejoice in the Biblical meaning and understanding of the Virgin Birth of our Lord. May we all rejoice in the Lord's redeeming love for each of us and share it with others. Merry Christmas!