The Lord's Greatest Commitment to Us

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Word Became FleshIn his book "Miracles," Christian author C.S. Lewis called the idea of God becoming Man the "Grand Miracle" of life. He went on say that, "If the event happened, it was the central event in the history of the Earth-the very thing the whole story has been about." Lewis leaves no doubt that the story of the Incarnation, or God becoming Man, is the real story behind every life that has ever been lived. Nothing else in life has any meaning or really matters IF it is not tied to this event. Lewis is absolutely right. That is why Christmas, the Virgin Birth and the Incarnation are worthy of our attention on a much deeper level that it often receives in our lives and in the Church's ministry.

This idea of God becoming Man is an amazing concept. It raises the deepest questions about what God did before He created mankind and eventually became one of us. In other words, what was God up to before we were here? Since the Lord is eternal and has always existed, our existence is something that must occupy a slice of time that is as nothing compared to eternity itself. How does one compare the infinite with the finite?
What is simply spectacular to ponder this Christmas is the idea that God Almighty's decision to become a man in a Manger in Bethlehem is deep and profound because it means that God made a decision in time and space to stay a man forever after. There won't be any time in the forever future when God isn't a man. That means that the God of eternity past has made an irreversible commitment to us that will never change. It also tells us something that should bring joy to every heart this Christmas, namely that the Lord loves us and is totally committed to us forever.....WOW!

Now this idea of God's eternal commitment to us, by becoming one of us, is almost impossible for us understand. The reason for that is because humanity has very little understanding of commitment. Human beings are fickle and it is rare that people seem to make any commitments they keep for long. As a result, friendships come and go. Families come and go. Marriages come and go. Business deals and contracts come and go. The idea of entering into a commitment that lasts forever seems strange to us to say the least. If anything today, people run from truly lasting commitments and go out of their way to make sure they are free from them. That is the pattern we often see in our modern world in all its sin and brokenness.

And yet, in the midst of all our broken relationships and agreements, God Almighty takes on our nature to live with us and enjoy fellowship with us forever. The Lord of Heaven and Earth sealed this eternal commitment to us by entering the womb of a Virgin named Mary, giving Himself a fully human body through her that was united to His eternal divinity. We call that eternal commitment to us, Emmanuel or a Person Named Jesus.

You see then, Jesus is not just a Person. Jesus is an eternal commitment that God has made to us and to Himself. There will never be a time when the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ does not exist. Our Lord must continue to exist forever because our Lord's humanity is linked to His divinity, and the two natures are connected in a way that cannot be separated or ever end.

All of this is to say that Christmas and the Incarnation is the ultimate Good News of history. God became a Man to share Himself with the Creation. The Creator became part of the Creation to allow us to share fellowship with Him and live with Him forever. Christmas is the ultimate story of love and total commitment by the Lord to each of us that will never end.

May our Lord help each of us this Christmas to drink in these incredible eternal truths so we can begin to grasp the glory and meaning of our lives in this world. May we also be so affected by these truths that we cannot but help sharing them with others. Merry Christmas!