Killing Our Consciences

Written by Jeff Calson on .

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It’s the underreported story that could make you cry. At least for those who heard the real details of the story.  Officials at Planned Parenthood have been selling aborted children’s body parts to make money for themselves.  Perhaps the worst of it was the recent interview with Dr. Mary Gatter, who was president of Planned Parenthood Medical Director’s Council until 2014, and still advices the organization. Dr. Gatter wanted to get more money for the children’s body parts so she could buy a Lamborghini, a fancy Italian sports car.  The coldness and evil of this story has even shocked veteran news people.

America has been on this road a long time. Ever since abortion was legalized in 1973, when Roe vs. Wade decision was issued, human life has increasingly been devalued.Abortion is a business, so we can’t be totally surprised when people are trying to make more money from it.  What is so shocking is the coldness of well-educated people in the medical community to the suffering and death of these children for money. The last time the medical community behaved like this was in Nazi Germany. Sadly, these children were someone’s son or daughter, they were someone’s grandchild.  They were Americans that never got to enjoy life and live the American Dream.  They never rode a bicycle, blew out birthday candles or got married. They were murdered and that crime didn’t end with their death. Now we are told someone not only killed them, but profited from their death, purely out of self-interest and materialism.

You would think the moral outrage of a story like this would stop the nation in its tracks. That is my prayer, but I doubt it will happen.  The real truth about abortion and these individuals has been hidden by the media and politicians for years.  A powerful minority in this country doesn’t want the truth to be known.  You see what has really happened to America is not that we have killed over 60 million children through abortion. The real tragedy is that we have killed our consciences. Nothing seems to shock people today. America has gotten “used” to abortion. We have been desensitized to its horrors.   Few stand up and demand change or speak out for these children. Here in Grand Rapids abortions are performed every week. Most of our pulpits are quiet. Our churches run from controversy.  As the English statesman Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  We see that happening before our eyes.

The deeper problem with this issue is that our conscience is a gift from God to help us find His love, forgiveness, and redemption. When we kill our consciences we won’t seek the Lord. We won’t ask for forgiveness. We won’t be saved. You see, without a consciousness of right and wrong, we will never feel the need to seek a Savior.  We don’t need one.  We will just hide our sins and live for this life. The next life doesn’t seem real or doesn’t matter right now. Eternity can wait.

And yet, when our moral consciences die something in us dies. Life is different. Life is devalued and empty.  We are seeing that reality everywhere today. Our youth spend more time getting high on alcohol and, increasingly, legalized drugs; depression rates increase. No, without a living, breathing conscience that values life as a gift from God not much in the end will really matter.

Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).  Jesus is life.  Without Him all we end up with is Lamborghinis.