The Pope and Prophecy

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

President and PopePresident Obama is currently in the midst of hosting Pope Francis in Washington. It is an historic visit for sure. Only two other Popes have ever visited the White House, his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI in 2008, and Pope John Paul II in 1979. Pope Francis, however, will be the first Pope ever to address Congress. Over the years, many people have asked me questions about the Pope and any role he might play in Bible prophecy. Whatever view you have about the Pope and prophecy, we can’t totally ignore the fact that there are important things under way.

Both Pope Francis and President Obama seem to be kindred spirits on topics like the problems with Capitalism, need for more open immigration and the need to address supposed climate change. Both leaders talk a lot about social justice on a global level and the need for wealth redistribution. However, what is fascinating and troubling at the same time, is that there is no stated plan to talk about the recent genocide of Christians in the Middle East at the hands of ISIS, even though both leaders are professing Christians. There is no plan on talking over the nuclear “deal” with Iran that threatens to destroy Israel, and spread terrorism around the world. There also appears to be no plan on talking with the President about abortion and the selling of aborted children’s body parts, as seen in the recent Planned Parenthood videos, or any clear discussion about the removal of marriage definitions from the USA by the Supreme Court and the Obama Administration. Surely one would have thought such things were important enough to the Pope to be key issues for discussion with the President. We can certainly hope such discussions take place, but it seems unlikely right now. It appears the Pope's visit may be more about global politics than the Gospel.

The prophetic story we are beginning to see emerge is the reality that President Obama, or the State, is using the Pope and the Church for his political agenda to gain a moral legitimacy for his purposes. The Pope has not chosen to challenge the President as a prophetic voice.  His visit is more political in nature. The Pope is not speaking truth to power. The Pope is being drawn into a global and political agenda that has little to do with saving souls, proclaiming the Gospel, being the Vicar of Christ, challenging secularism or seeing the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed as the only Savior of the world.

This pattern of the State and its' leaders using the Church for political purposes is hardly new. You see the State has all the power in the end. The State owns and controls the guns. The Church can only speak truth. The Church only has a moral pulpit, not a military one. As you carefully study what is going on right now, it is part of a clear pattern of the State using and abusing the spiritual power of the Church for its purposes. The last good example of this abuse in the recent past was Adolf Hitler making a treaty with Pope Pius XI on July 20, 1933, just before World War II. Hitler got the Pope to leave the Nazis alone IF the Nazis left the Church alone. Many believe that this agreement was an important factor leading to the Holocaust of World War II, by removing the moral objections of the Church to the Nazi Regime and providing moral legitimacy to it.

As we watch this current seduction of the Church by the State..... again, we are seeing the exact pattern for the future abuse of a wordly Church by the Antichrist that is spoken of in Revelation 17:16-18. The State never has had a love for the Lord Jesus Christ. It loves itself and its' agenda. Only the true Church can speak truth to power and challenge the State and our culture today. If there was ever a time for the Church to speak out it is now. The Pope, Christian leaders and every Christian need to challenge the State and its leaders with a Biblically clear message. It is not time to play politics; it is time to proclaim the Gospel and the Word of the Lord to a fallen world. May we all be a bold and faithful witnesses to our Lord Jesus at this prophetic time, and avoid the seductions of the State and the world around us.