The Lord's Purpose for Politics

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Franklin Grahm Decision AmericaWell, the countdown has begun. In a few weeks another President will be elected. The nation has been obsessed with this election, perhaps more than at any other time in recent memory. The stakes are large for all of us and the world. And yet, whoever is elected President they will fail on some level. It always turns out that way. Anytime people are placed in elected office it seems that many of us end up disappointed. Has there ever been a President that always did the right thing? We vote people in with high hopes for great things and often sit back 4 years or so later with sadness and regret over what went wrong. Such is the state of politics in America and the world.

Now the really sad thing about politics is that few learn anything from this disillusioning pattern. You see the very idea that we need a good leader is nothing more than Heaven speaking to us. We want a good leader because we were wired to have one. The Lord wired all of us with the idea of needing good leaders because we ultimately needed the Lord to rule over us. Human government is at best a poor stand in for the Lord of Glory.
The Lord designed human government to fail because it was filled with sinful and fallen people. How could it ever succeed? The Lord allowed us to see what happens when you put a bunch of sinners in charge of things. We have had the opportunity to see every possible sin displayed before us...the bribes, the scandals, the corruption, the betrayals, the greed, the evil, the lust for power. Politics is an absolutely amazing showcase of sinful humanity, often at its worse. The reason politics is sometimes so bad and corrupting is because we can't handle power and people trying to be God. From the Garden of Eden, history has been a story of how trying to be God failed over and over and over.

Even King David failed as a leader and politician. David was a man after God's own heart (I Samuel 13:14), but his own sin caused his downfall with adultery, murder and chaos in his family that led to a civil war in Israel. Like David, the other great Old Testament leaders also had serious flaws in them that ended up causing problems for the people. This pattern continued into the New Testament as well with the Apostles and other church leaders. As a result, a survey of the Bible led to the obvious conclusion that ALL of the leaders the Lord used to lead His people failed in some design.

This failure of leadership in the Bible and the world at large was the Lord's great plan to set up a narrative to create a deep, deep desire for Him to rule. The Lord allowed us to fully see human rule and cry out for a Man to rule us that had no sins or failures. This is what life was designed to do, namely create the desire for a Man to rule like God. History was designed to create a longing for a God-Man to come and rule over us. History created a leadership vacuum that only the Lord Jesus Christ could ultimately fill.

In Revelation 5:4-5, we hear Heaven looking back over human history with great lament because there wasn't one, single political leader that was ever found worthy to really lead the world.

"I wept and wept because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or look inside. Then one of the elders said to me, 'Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, had triumphed. He is able to open he scroll and its seven seals.'" Revelation 5:4-5

The Apostle John was weeping and weeping that no one was found worthy to open the scroll. This scroll was a document that gave title and authority to someone to rule the Earth. The many tears were shed because the world never produced a person to rule the world the way it was intended to be ruled from the beginning. In the Book of Revelation those tears of sadness turn to tears of joy as Heaven reminds John that One Person was found worthy to rule. That Person was the One Who had overcome the world through His Glorious Resurrection. Heaven is happy because the Right Man was found to rule Heaven and Earth. The Bible brings forth this dramatic coronation of the Right King in Revelation 4 and 5. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The world has a happy ending because it finally found the Right Man for the job.

Today at the State Capital in Lansing, Michigan, I had the privilege to gather with 1000's of Christians from all over Michigan to hear Franklin Graham and his team share their heart for America to come back to the Lord. America is heading toward a spiritual collapse and the signs are everywhere. Mr. Graham told the audience that the politics was not the answer. The only answer was for the nation to repent and turn our hearts back to the Lord while we have time.

As we head to the November election in a couple of weeks, we should ALL get out and vote. Mr. Graham expressed his sadness to the crowd today that millions of Christians have stayed home over the years and been silent as the nation drifted into secularism and spiritual collapse. No one should stay home and sulk because we don't like politics or the candidates. We should remind ourselves that whoever we vote for will disappoint us. That was the plan by the way. The deeper plan was for every Christian to have a growing desire and longing for the Lord Jesus Christ to come and rule this world the way it was designed to be ruled. It is that rule we live for and long for, whoever is President. Even so, come Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20).