What the World Doesn't Know about Sex

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ToiletsIf you ever wanted a barometer to measure how much trouble our society was in today you need look no further than people fighting over "who" can go to "what" bathroom. How much worse can it get? That, of course, is the lastest battle going on in America today regarding where transgendered individuals can go to the bathroom. This issue has now even begun to be talked about by presidential candidates and the media on a regular basis. There surely is no end in sight to this fight, as it has started to involve the federal government and our legal system. One day soon it may even move to the Supreme Court, with people being eventually told where they can and can't go to the bathroom.

Now, we surely didn't arrive at this sad and chaotic place overnight. This recent "bathroom battle" has been building for a generation or so. It started when people lost the basic understanding of "male" and "female" back in the 1960's to accommodate people's changing roles in the workplace, gender politics and sexual behaviors. Back then, our culture also started to move away from the Biblical concept of sex within marriage and drifted toward an open sexuality defined by the individual. As our society started to be controlled by the "rights" of these individuals, our collective responsibility to one another started to vanish. The individual started to have the ultimate right to decide how they wanted to define sex and ultimately what was "male" or "female." Once individual rights defined "reality" and became as "god," it was only a matter of time until nothing was right or wrong and the concepts of sexuality, marriage and gender were completely destroyed as we see today.

Angry America

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Angry Woman2America is angry tonight. Have you noticed? If you are not sure about that, all you have to do is watch the recent debates and rancor going on within the Republican Party. These debates are a good barometer of how many people are feeling......angry. Many Americans are surprised, shocked and troubled by what is going on and are fearful for the future.

Right now the 24/7 news cycle is filled with political pundits trying to figure out what is happening to the Country and why a candidate like Donald Trump has captured the hearts and minds of many Americans from every political point of view. While it may be obvious to some, Donald Trump has little to do with the recent anger and conflict in the Presidential race. Donald Trump is a symptom, not a cause. The issues behind his candidacy and popularity stem from unaddressed issues that have been going on for a generation. Donald Trump is simply a tool of protest for many Americans to express their anger toward the ruling class of this Country, both Democratic and Republic, that have caused a dramatic decline of the Nation most of us once knew.

Looking for Heaven and Finding Hell

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Heaven HellOne of the things that have recently emerged in American politics is the rise of Socialism. Before the election of President Obama in 2008, almost no one in the Nation even used the word. Socialism and its more radical cousin, Communism, were systems of government in places like Europe and Asia, but surely NOT in America.

Recent polls have suggested that larger numbers of people are beginning to embrace Socialistic ideas, especially the young. A recent 2015 Gallup poll showed that 35 percent of the American public view Socialism favorably. What most Americans have missed is that this journey toward Socialism has been going on for a long time. Ever since President Roosevelt's New Deal in the 1930's, America has been moving in this direction with programs such as Social Security, Medicare and most recently Obamacare. So we can't be totally surprised when a candidate like Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont is running for President as a Socialist and embraced by millions. Socialism is slowly becoming American.

The Modern Leadership Crisis: We Have No King but Caesar!

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2016 Election-2All over the world tonight there seems to be a HUGE leadership vacuum that is building toward some sort of emerging crisis. In Europe, for example, the recent flood of unwanted immigrants from the Middle East, the growth of Islamic terrorism and a variety of unsolved political and economic problems with the European Union have created a great cry for new and decisive leadership. Few seem to have a clue about how to solve these growing problems and the failure to address them has spawned a variety of reactionary groups from ultranationalists to neo Nazis. Europe is in a deep leadership crisis it hasn't seen since the 1920's and 30's before World War II.

Here in America, the race for the White House in 2016 has created the most polarizing political dialogue in memory. A variety of polls seem to say that a majority of Americans are angry, fed up and desperately searching for strong leadership to fill the vacuum of failed government leadership created by both Democrats and Republicans. Like Europe, America is in the midst of a political crisis that is demanding some sort of strong and clear leadership to reverse the growth of progressivism, the malaise of political correctness and a sense that the establishment is corrupt and broken.

Do You Believe in Love? Global Spirituality at the Close of the Age

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Relgious SymbolsThe greatest, single objection to the Christian Faith is its' exclusivity. That exclusivity is best defined by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in John 14:6, where our Lord says, "I am the way, and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me." That verse is either greatly misunderstood to mean a variety of things OR it means that Jesus is the only Savior and way to Heaven. There really are no other options. IF Jesus is the only Savior of the world, then all other faiths and belief systems are false and cannot save their followers in this life or the next.

On the face of it, that statement by our Lord seems simply outrageous in an age of tolerance and multiculturalism. As a matter of fact, the sharing of that belief in almost any public setting today can bring about an angry response of rejection and vilification. If you're not sure about that...just try it. If we are honest about it, many Christians struggle with this core belief because most of us just want to "get along" with everyone. Few Christians are looking to stir up things and get into fights with neighbors, friends or the media.

State of the Union--State of the World

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Obama-sotuEvery January the President has given the traditional "State of the Union" message to the Nation. Historically speaking, it is a chance to look back over the past year and offer inspiring reflections of where the Nation has been and where it is going in the New Year. Instead of carefully reviewing the President's speech, as the media has done this week, it be might be a good time to reflect on the "State of the World" from the Lord's perspective. Have you recently asked yourself how things are going from the Lord's viewpoint? Can anyone really know?

As we look at our nation and world tonight, politics and the media have made understanding things very complicated. Few can discern what is going on between the many sound bites and speeches given to please voters and win elections. As a result, it tends to be very hard to sort out the real issues that are meaningful to the Lord and His purposes.

Defining Mental Illness in the Last Days

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Mental IllnessOne of the most interesting movies ever made was One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. It premiered in 1975, starring Jack Nicholson, and won 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The movie is a story about power, truth and control over people's lives. The movie is set in a mental institution and features a battle between the staff and patients over who is really "crazy." In the end, Jack Nicholson's character is deemed too "mentally ill" and given a lobotomy by the staff, thereby ending his functioning life and the threat he posed to the leadership. The movie leaves you with deep sadness over how power can be used and abused by those in authority.

Jump ahead to this past week and the executive action President Obama has taken regarding the 2nd Amendment and how our gun laws are enforced. Under the President's directive, physicians can report individuals to the government that might be "mentally ill" as a check on their right to be a gun owner. Not only is this action a usurpation of Congress's authority to change any laws according the Constitution, but it is a profound intrusion into the "Doctor-Patient" relationship that has been sacred.

Waiting for the Economic Bubble to Burst

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Black-TuesdayAs soon as Wall Street began its' New Year on Monday, January 4, the market fell about 450 points due to fears that stemmed from economic troubles in China. This opening day market loss cost the world's five richest people to lose 8.7 billion dollars of net worth in one day. The markets eventually "settled down," but the rapid rise and fall of the Stock Market in a day shows the vulnerability we are facing right now as we head into a New Year. Few seem to remember the most famous crash of the markets on October 29, 1929... known as "Black Tuesday" that triggered what is referred to as the Great Depression. Sadly, we are moving toward the same sort of economic unwinding of the country and few seem to have a clue and even fewer are doing much about it.

And while this economic decline of the country and world is fast approaching, the denial of its eventual arrival by our leadership is stupefying to say the least. Our Congress just finished passing a budget busting spending bill at the end of 2015 that seemed to show no awareness of the exploding National Debt that is approaching 20 trillion dollars. Couple this out of control spending with over 100 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities from our entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security, along with pension issues, and you have the making of a true financial reshaping of America as we know it.

Merry Christmas to the Terrorists

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Bomb-TNTIts' been hard getting into the Christmas spirit these days when there is an Islamic terrorist event going on almost every week like we saw in the San Bernardino, California and Paris massacres. It's difficult to focus on what gifts to get my loved ones when people are turning our wonderful country and world into a Jihad Zone for their religious extremism.

Maybe the hardest part of watching this is trying to understand the mindset of the terrorists. In the case of the terrorists in San Bernardino, we saw a young married couple, with their whole life ahead of them, coldly and with calculation drop off their infant daughter with family before murdering 14 Americans at a Christmas party. Right now, it seems everyone is trying to figure out the "why" of this tragic event. What would motivate people to act in such a way that makes absolutely no sense to anyone with a rational thought in their mind?

Paris is Burning! The Islamic Invasion of Europe

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Eiffel TowerBy now, most of us have heard the terrible news of the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris that murdered over 120 civilians. Some of the eyewitnesses on the scene said the murder, blood and carnage looked “apocalyptic.” The Nation of France declared a “State of Emergency” and returned the City to a fear not seen since World War II and the Nazi occupation. Nations around the world, particularly in Europe and the USA, wonder where and when these groups will strike next. Most experts are agreed in their belief that these attacks are only going to grow and get worse in the future.

And while most everyone has condemned these attacks, few if any understand them or are going to do much about it. The reason for that is because Europe, America and the West have chosen a path of tolerance and multiculturalism, as opposed to careful discernment and protection of their history, culture and way of life. Progressive politicians have convinced many in the public that we should move toward more open borders and show our “love” to all faiths in a spirit of globalism and post nationalism.

Unmasking the Masterful Manipulators of the Media

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Masks-redIt was headlines all over the news this week. Did you see it? This RARE news item, which finally came out, was the overt and outrageous bias and manipulation of the Republican President Debates by the Moderators of the mainstream media outlet, CNBC. It was shocking! It was so bad that by the end of the debates, the Republican Candidates began to fire back at the Moderators who had pretended during the event to be impartial “journalists.”

While this masterful manipulation of the media has been going on for over a generation now, people are finally starting to see it….at least a few. The problem is that we have been sitting under this bias and agenda for so long that it seemed normal. After all, the media just reports the facts, right? The damage that has been done by this lack of awareness of the media’s agenda is beyond words. It has destroyed our political process, our schools, inner cities, families, military, and churches. Every part of our life as a nation has been dramatically affected. The bias of the media has been THE “Trojan Horse” that has slipped under the radar of most Americans, posing as objective reporting and journalism to a naïve and unsuspecting public. Unfortunately, many of us have just sat back and largely believed these reporters and their outright manipulation of the truth and never gave it a second thought. This is especially true of our youth.

Why Socialism Is Destined to Fail

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Churchill-Quote-2I sat back this past week and watched the Democratic Presidential Debates. It seemed like every sound byte was another candidate talking about another promised giveaway program that seems to be meant to buy votes. Some of the candidates even wanted to give away money to people who were not citizens. Sadly, we are truly nearing the end of this Country as we know it.  Back in 1776, around the time of our Nation’s founding, a European historian, Alexander Fraser Tytler, published a work entitled, “The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic.”  In his work, Tytler made the following observation:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over a loss of fiscal responsibility, always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world's great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence: 
 From bondage to spiritual faith,
 From spiritual faith to great courage,
 From courage to liberty,
 From liberty to abundance,
 From abundance to selfishness,
 From selfishness to complacency,
 From complacency to apathy,
 From apathy to dependency,
 From dependency back again to bondage.

Covenants with Death

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neville chamberlain
I have never seen anything like it in my life time, have you? The Obama Administration has just forced on the world a nuclear deal with Iran that few can believe.  Never mind that Iran is the most notorious terrorist nation in the world. Never mind it is a nation that swears to destroy Israel and America on a weekly basis. Never mind it is a nation committed to arming Israel’s enemies like Syria, Hamas in Israel, and Hezbollah in Lebanon to carry out their evil agenda.  Never mind their leadership openly talks of starting a world war to bring the Mahdi forth and create an Islamic paradise.  Even the name of their country was changed from Persia to Iran out of support for the Nazi’s Aryan (Iranian) anti-Semitic worldview before World War II. In some ways, the nation of Iran is the modern devil in the world today. How ironic that they use that term, “the great Satan,” for America, while Israel is seen as the “the little Satan.”

Multiculturalism: Dream or Nightmare?

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Tower of Babel
In the last few days, there has been a frantic battle in Washington to globalize our country’s trade policies through a piece of legislation call TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) or TPA (Trade Promotion Authority). The two acrostics are related, but the politics are confusing. The bottom line is a surrender of the nation’s authority on trade policy to others. Doing so will supposedly enhance world trade and promote prosperity.  This globalization on trade policy is just another aspect of a process that has been under way since World War II. After the war, the nations of the world began to attempt to work together in new ways to avoid the disastrous nationalism that had been seen in Germany, Italy, and Japan.

This cooperative movement, following the War, birthed what we call multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism began to be the belief that the nations of the world could agree to live in peace with one another and create a world of tolerance where nationalism and economic, political, and religious differences could be worked through in a constructive way. That belief system, driving our world today, is the father of political correctness. Every attempt to create and enforce political correctness in America and the world today is really being driven by this utopian multiculturalism.

Lex Rex

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lexrexHave you ever heard the phrase “Lex Rex”? It comes from two Latin words that mean, “The Law is King.” The phrase became a well-known book written by a Presbyterian minister named Samuel Rutherford in 1644. Its thesis was simple, namely that no one is above the law... the law is king. Human beings have to be accountable to some standard, some law, or they become as god. The reason this work was and is important to us today is because it had a great influence on the Founding Fathers of this country as they set up our constitutional government. They realized you needed a system of checks and balances against human power and ambition using the law, or you would end up with human tyranny and despotism.

In recent years, we have been watching the foundations of our Constitution begin to crack.   For some people today, the law doesn’t really matter that much anymore. The law just gets in the way of what they want to do, so they are more than glad to vote for politicians who will change and/or eliminate some laws in clever ways that only a lawyer really understands. This pattern of increasing lawlessness is growing rapidly right now across the world, not just in the United States. People seem to be falling in love with charismatic leaders who promise them a life of freedom to do whatever they want to do, no matter what the laws of God or Man have to say.