Covenants with Death

Written by Deb M on .

neville chamberlain
I have never seen anything like it in my life time, have you? The Obama Administration has just forced on the world a nuclear deal with Iran that few can believe.  Never mind that Iran is the most notorious terrorist nation in the world. Never mind it is a nation that swears to destroy Israel and America on a weekly basis. Never mind it is a nation committed to arming Israel’s enemies like Syria, Hamas in Israel, and Hezbollah in Lebanon to carry out their evil agenda.  Never mind their leadership openly talks of starting a world war to bring the Mahdi forth and create an Islamic paradise.  Even the name of their country was changed from Persia to Iran out of support for the Nazi’s Aryan (Iranian) anti-Semitic worldview before World War II. In some ways, the nation of Iran is the modern devil in the world today. How ironic that they use that term, “the great Satan,” for America, while Israel is seen as the “the little Satan.”

Now when asked about this deal, President Obama and others defend it passionately.  They say that anyone against it is missing a great opportunity to keep Iran away from nuclear weapons and make the world a safer place. How do you spell delusion? I guess it would be a little like making a deal with someone who just killed your entire family, in order to protect the one family member they missed.  There is clearly no doubt that this “deal” is a major part of the Bible’s prophecy’s regarding the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Nothing short of that fact can really explain what we are seeing right now.  But the sad and tragic part of this story is that all of this has happened before.

The whole story of the Bible actually started with a similar “deal.”  The devil came to some naïve folks in the Garden with another “deal” that was surrounded by lies. If humanity accepted the “deal,” they would have everything they wanted and no one would really die.  Every cemetery in the world is a reminder of that first “deal” or covenant with death. Right now, the statistics are quite impressive... one out of one die.

But beyond this first seduction by evil, Israel got sucked into many such “deals” throughout her history to keep the peace and provide the security they longed for as Nation.  In Isaiah 28:15, Israel thought they could broker a peace deal too, and they made a deal with Egypt to protect them against their enemies. Never mind that Israel’s first enemy as a Nation was Egypt during the days of Pharaoh and Moses.  Israel forgot the lessons of the past and believed a deal with Egypt would keep them safe.  The Lord, however, called the deal in Isaiah a “covenant with death and Hell.”

You see the real problem all along with Israel then and President Obama and others now is that they have forgotten the Lord.  When the Lord is not in the picture you have to make a deal with the devil.  People today have forgotten there is a loving God we can look to in life. We don’t have to make an agreement with a Hitler or the leaders of Iran.  After all, the idea of an agreement about peace and security is what we call the Gospel.  The Good News is that the Lord Jesus Christ secured peace and security on the Cross. The Lord of Glory made a covenant of life for those who accepted Him. Life and death are set before the world today. Let’s all choose Jesus and live.