Paris is Burning! The Islamic Invasion of Europe

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Eiffel TowerBy now, most of us have heard the terrible news of the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris that murdered over 120 civilians. Some of the eyewitnesses on the scene said the murder, blood and carnage looked “apocalyptic.” The Nation of France declared a “State of Emergency” and returned the City to a fear not seen since World War II and the Nazi occupation. Nations around the world, particularly in Europe and the USA, wonder where and when these groups will strike next. Most experts are agreed in their belief that these attacks are only going to grow and get worse in the future.

And while most everyone has condemned these attacks, few if any understand them or are going to do much about it. The reason for that is because Europe, America and the West have chosen a path of tolerance and multiculturalism, as opposed to careful discernment and protection of their history, culture and way of life. Progressive politicians have convinced many in the public that we should move toward more open borders and show our “love” to all faiths in a spirit of globalism and post nationalism.
You see the problem we are facing today is the West has moved away from understanding its’ identity. The Biblical heritage and foundations that were behind the West’s growth, development and prosperity are cracking and crumbling. Many now refer to Europe as “post Christian” and surely America is not far behind. The bottom line is that these countries don’t really know why they were founded, what their purpose was or is and how they are related, if at all, to the Lord. Virtually no one among Europe’s leaders will give any credit to the Lord for the blessings their nations have lived with over the years. As a result, these spiritually empty nations that now are embracing humanism, secularism and progressive politics have created a huge vacuum that is being filled by Islam.

It may come as a shock to hear how many Muslims have found a haven in France and much of Europe. These exploding numbers have led to many “home grown” terrorists. Demographers are projecting that Islam will take over Europe in sheer numbers in less than 40 years. To show you how fast this is moving, it might be mentioned that the most popular boy's name in England is “Mohammed.” Certain areas of Europe are now living under Muslim or Sharia Law and there are many neighborhoods where the police just don’t go these days. The Muslims are in the process of successfully dividing and are now beginning to conquer the West…..and few seem to have a clue.

What the West has failed to understand is that Islam is at war with the West and Christianity because of its’ core belief system. The Koran is very clear in stating that “God has no son.” In other words, the core doctrine of Islam rejects the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, His death on the Cross for sin and Resurrection, which is central to Christianity. As a result, Islam cannot live in “peace” with Christianity, the West or anyone that rejects its’ god. This spiritual enmity must inevitably lead to conflict, terrorism and death. This is exactly what we are seeing in the streets of Paris today. The idea that such a faith can live alongside the Christian West in some “multicultural paradise” is simply a delusion and threatens the peace and security of the West and the entire world.

Now the critically important thing for us to understand at this time is that this invasion of Europe has happened BEFORE. Few remember that the Muslims threatened to take over Europe in the 8th century. Back then, Islam was bent on conquest and was murdering and killing thousands as it expanded into Europe. It was only the grace of God that stopped it at the Battle of Tours in 732 in of all places….France. The Frankish (French) leader Charles Martel, also known as “The Hammer,” stopped the Muslims from taking over and destroying Europe as we know it. This climactic battle changed the course of Western Civilization and allowed Europe to prosper and flourish under the Christian Faith. Charles Martel is buried in Paris.

While few will mention this today in our politically correct world, everywhere Islam has gone they have brought oppression, conflict and death. Virtually all the refugees pouring into Europe at the present time have fled Muslim countries such as Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The immigrants have been drawn to the prosperous and peaceful West as a shelter and haven. And yet, once some of these immigrants arrive, they turn to Sharia Law and terrorism in their host countries, destroying the very nations that gave them freedom and hope.

It is very clear in this hour, as the Lord’s return is nearing, that the world needs a real Savior, not jihad or some naïve political solution. As the blood flows in Paris, and around the world, may the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ wake up and share the Gospel with everyone we can as the ONLY hope for this life and the next.