Merry Christmas to the Terrorists

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Bomb-TNTIts' been hard getting into the Christmas spirit these days when there is an Islamic terrorist event going on almost every week like we saw in the San Bernardino, California and Paris massacres. It's difficult to focus on what gifts to get my loved ones when people are turning our wonderful country and world into a Jihad Zone for their religious extremism.

Maybe the hardest part of watching this is trying to understand the mindset of the terrorists. In the case of the terrorists in San Bernardino, we saw a young married couple, with their whole life ahead of them, coldly and with calculation drop off their infant daughter with family before murdering 14 Americans at a Christmas party. Right now, it seems everyone is trying to figure out the "why" of this tragic event. What would motivate people to act in such a way that makes absolutely no sense to anyone with a rational thought in their mind?
The answer to the above question, and what lies behind the suicidal thoughts of thousands of these Muslims, is very easy to figure out.....but few want to discuss it in our politically correct world. You see all these individuals simply wanted to go to Heaven......that's all. Their real motivation is not that complicated to understand. When you stop and think about it, all of us want to go to Heaven or have some afterlife, whatever our beliefs. Sadly, in Islam many have concluded that the only way to be assured they will get to Heaven is to die as a martyr or Shaheed in the cause of Jihad for Allah. Outside of dying as a Shaheed assurance of Heaven is a little shaky to obtain. You see there is a phrase some Muslims believe and use that describes this lack of assurance. That phrase says, "If there was only one person in Heaven I would hope to be that person. But if there was only one person in Hell I would fear that it might be me." If someone really believes a statement like that, perhaps we can begin to understand the spiritual drama and motivation behind these tragic individuals and what is happening in our world tonight.

The reason these terrorists and suicide bombers lack this vital assurance of Heaven is because Islam is not able to give it to them. Nothing in the Koran or Islamic tradition offers that deep assurance of Allah's love or acceptance.....except being a Shaheed. As a result, men, women and children seem to be lining up to strap on a suicide vest or massacre a group of civilians in any neighborhood around the world. This deep lack of assurance has come because Allah has left the Muslim World alone to find this illusive salvation. As a result, salvation must be their work, not Allah's. There is NO amazing grace to be found anywhere in Islam! Without understanding this central issue surrounding Islamic salvation, or lack thereof, there is no way to understand what happened in San Bernardino, Paris or anywhere else today.

The tragedy of Islam is the fact that they don't have a mediator to help them with this dilemma. The Koran doesn't have a Christmas Story. There are no angels in Islam announcing to them that a "Savior has been born to you, who is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:11). Without a Mediator, Savior or Someone to save the Muslim world, they are the most hopeless, desperate group of people on Earth......and it shows every night on the news!

Tonight, the Muslim World is ultimately looking for someone to die for them, so they don't have to do it themselves. The couple in San Bernardino wanted to find an easier way, but they missed it. They missed the amazing grace and salvation some of their victims had found in the Lord Jesus Christ before their tragic death. They too need the salvation of the Babe in the Manger, Who worked hard through His Cross to forgive the sins of the world. Like all of us they needed a Savior, Who gloriously rose again from the dead to make Heaven a gift, not something to be gained through terror and murder.

The message at the Christmas party in San Bernardino is still the same. It is the Gospel or Good News, that there is a Savior for all. That is the message the Church needs to joyfully proclaim to everyone....every Muslim....every future terrorist or suicide bomber. Every Christian needs to run from political correctness and delusional politicians that teach "Islam is peace" or all religions believe in the same "god"....they do not. The whole world needs to run into the arms of the Prince of Peace this Christmas and find the only true and real Savior of the world. Merry Christmas!!!