Defining Mental Illness in the Last Days

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Mental IllnessOne of the most interesting movies ever made was One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. It premiered in 1975, starring Jack Nicholson, and won 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The movie is a story about power, truth and control over people's lives. The movie is set in a mental institution and features a battle between the staff and patients over who is really "crazy." In the end, Jack Nicholson's character is deemed too "mentally ill" and given a lobotomy by the staff, thereby ending his functioning life and the threat he posed to the leadership. The movie leaves you with deep sadness over how power can be used and abused by those in authority.

Jump ahead to this past week and the executive action President Obama has taken regarding the 2nd Amendment and how our gun laws are enforced. Under the President's directive, physicians can report individuals to the government that might be "mentally ill" as a check on their right to be a gun owner. Not only is this action a usurpation of Congress's authority to change any laws according the Constitution, but it is a profound intrusion into the "Doctor-Patient" relationship that has been sacred.
Nevertheless the most important issue surrounding this current action by the President has been missed by almost everyone. The really important issue going on is how it is determined who is "mentally ill" and by what standard that determination is made. Since there is no agreement about what constitutes "mental illness" anywhere, it must be left in the hands of subjective bureaucrats and politicians.

While it may be forgotten by many today, under the old Soviet Communist Regime, for much of the past 70 years or so, political enemies of the State were labeled "mentally ill." Thousands of these "mentally ill" people were heavily drugged by the State and sent to a variety of prisons, or "re-education camps," where it was hoped they might become more "reasonable." Untold multitudes of people were murdered and imprisoned after being labelled "mentally ill" by a doctor or government official. This was especially true for Christians since any belief in God was considered "crazy" under their atheistic regimes, whose rejection of God was the foundation of their entire system of rule.

About the time One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1975, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) voted to remove homosexual behavior from their professional manual of abnormal behavior in 1973. Prior to that time, homosexual behavior was treated as a problem. Now days, anyone who opposes such behavior or gay marriage is seen as the person with the problem. In less than 50 years, "mental illness" has been entirely redefined by our society. People who were once struggling with personal issues surrounding their sexuality are now running the "Politically Correct Hospital" and are making the rules that more and more of society must follow. If anyone resists the PC Hospital's rules, they will increasingly be deemed "mentally ill" or given some other label.

Of course what is happening to American is that evil is being called "good" and good is being called "evil," as in the days of the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 5:20). Nothing has changed. Our society has now begun to demonize Christianity, the Constitution and ultimately the Lord Himself. Christians who share Biblical truth with others are slowly being marginalized and may increasingly be seen as extremists or even "mentally ill." How long will it be before some Christians are not allowed to own a gun, pray in public or hand out certain kinds of literature?  How long will it be until some churches are not allowed to receive tax exemptions from the State because they don't support gay marriage? Without a Constitution, without standards to protect gun rights, freedom of speech and any other right, we are all left in the hands of a powerful state hospital that has a right to give us a lobotomy and take away our freedoms. These points are surely not something to think about down the road....they are happening NOW!

One of the most amazing things to remember in this hour is that Jesus was declared "mentally ill" by His society and the leadership of His day. Our Lord was accused of a number of things like being "demon possessed" and "raving mad" (John 8:48-49, 10:20-21). When our Lord was here on earth, the hospital was taken over by the "mentally ill" who saw themselves as the "doctors." Eventually they murdered the Great Physician Himself and thought they had done a wonderful thing, saving the people from such a trouble maker. Such is the power of human delusion and sin in any culture. Without the Bible, truth, fixed moral laws, Constitutions and other ways to check ourselves, we all end up "mentally ill" from a spiritual standpoint and will turn on the Lord.

As we watch this growing movement toward executive rule by our politicians, we can't but help see the rise of the Totalitarian State coming our way through the future Antichrist. It is nearing friends....can you see it? How thankful we can be for a wonderful Savior that loves us, died for us and is coming to rescue us from the coming wrath against such behavior (I Thessalonians 1:10). May this article challenge all of us to share truth, discernment and the Gospel with everyone we can in this hour.