State of the Union--State of the World

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Obama-sotuEvery January the President has given the traditional "State of the Union" message to the Nation. Historically speaking, it is a chance to look back over the past year and offer inspiring reflections of where the Nation has been and where it is going in the New Year. Instead of carefully reviewing the President's speech, as the media has done this week, it be might be a good time to reflect on the "State of the World" from the Lord's perspective. Have you recently asked yourself how things are going from the Lord's viewpoint? Can anyone really know?

As we look at our nation and world tonight, politics and the media have made understanding things very complicated. Few can discern what is going on between the many sound bites and speeches given to please voters and win elections. As a result, it tends to be very hard to sort out the real issues that are meaningful to the Lord and His purposes.
The Lord has a very simple message and plan for the world to understand. It is called the Gospel, or Good News, of His love for us in the Lord Jesus Christ. That message is the foundation of what is driving everything, including the President's speech on Tuesday night. More specifically, the Lord's plan is connected to restoring the world to its original purpose and design. To do this, the Lord has established something called the Covenant. The Covenant is God's promise to us that His people and Land will be brought to a glorious future.

When you think of God's Covenant, what comes to your mind? When the Bible talks about Covenant, it covers two areas, namely God's love for His people and the Land where they would live with Him. When the Lord called a man named Abraham to follow Him to the Land of Israel in Genesis 15, He made a Covenant with him. That Covenant gave Abraham a family and a Land. The spiritual meaning of those descendants is something called the Church, or Bride of Christ (Galatians 3:29). The Land where they would live one day is a special place called Israel. During the President's speech on the "State of the Union",  there wasn't any discussion about the Bride of Christ or the Land of Israel. Somewhere in the mix of politics, nothing that was and is on the mind of the Lord was even discussed.

So as we look at the "State of the Union" as citizens, in light of God's Covenant, we would have to conclude the "State of the Union" is in serious trouble, unlike any time in American history. You see the Covenant is concerned about marriage, as it is a reflection of Christ's love for the Church. The Covenant is also concerned about a place for the Lord and His people to live forever more, namely the Land of Israel. And yet both of these central issues to the Lord were and are under unprecedented attack. Marriage was redefined in June by the Supreme Court, and the Land of Israel was made vulnerable to attack by Iran following a nuclear "deal" brokered by the Obama Administration.

When the Supreme Court redefined the legal definition of marriage in June, the President honored it by flooding the White House with the colors of the rainbow to stand in solidarity with the GLBT Community. In addition, the central push and goal of the Obama Administration for much of the past year was concluding a nuclear "deal" with Iran, at the expense and warning of Israel. How interesting then that the two main issues of concern to the Lord, namely the Covenant with His people and His Land, are two of the main issues under attack by the President and his policies.

Somewhere amidst all the dialogue and politics of the hour, the deepest purposes of the Lord for our world have been lost in translation. There are very few voices that are shedding any clarity to God's heart for this world. Even sadder is the fact that the Church seems to not have much more insight to the "State of the Union" or "State of the World" than we hear from our politicians. After all, when was the last time you heard a good sermon on the Covenant and what it means for us? When was the last time you heard someone talking about the marriage of Christ and the Church needing a good place to live forever, like the Promised Land of Israel?

Dear friends, the "State of the Union" and "State of the World" may appear grim tonight, but our Lord is a Covenant keeping God and has promised a glorious future for us that reflects true hope and change for the better.  The Lord has truly saved the best for last. Let's run to the Lord Jesus Christ today and open our hearts and lives to Him.

We are living at a dramatic hour for the Nation and world. Pass this article on to someone you know and love.