Looking for Heaven and Finding Hell

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Heaven HellOne of the things that have recently emerged in American politics is the rise of Socialism. Before the election of President Obama in 2008, almost no one in the Nation even used the word. Socialism and its more radical cousin, Communism, were systems of government in places like Europe and Asia, but surely NOT in America.

Recent polls have suggested that larger numbers of people are beginning to embrace Socialistic ideas, especially the young. A recent 2015 Gallup poll showed that 35 percent of the American public view Socialism favorably. What most Americans have missed is that this journey toward Socialism has been going on for a long time. Ever since President Roosevelt's New Deal in the 1930's, America has been moving in this direction with programs such as Social Security, Medicare and most recently Obamacare. So we can't be totally surprised when a candidate like Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont is running for President as a Socialist and embraced by millions. Socialism is slowly becoming American.
Now on the surface, Socialism is a very appealing idea that explains its rapid growth. Socialism teaches that life is not "fair" and the government's job is to make it so by taking from the rich and giving to the poor, in a sort of Robin Hood form of redistribution. Once every one gets what they are entitled to with regards to healthcare, education, food and the other benefits of life we will have created "Heaven on Earth."

Unfortunately, the only way Socialism grows and flourishes is when people find a group of rich people that can fund their vision of a "just and fair" world. In America, these rich people have been labelled "The 1%." This group of billionaires and millionaires are at the heart of the real sin in our society because they take too much for themselves and fail to give others a "fair" chance. A recent political ad from Senator Bernie Sanders used this exact narrative, blaming the rich for Nation's problems and presenting himself as the needed "savior" to make things right for the rest of us.

What almost everyone has missed about Socialism in America is the fact that it is a Christian heresy that cleverly attempts to counterfeit the Kingdom of God. Like the Bible, it postulates the idea of sin, a search for redemption and a final restoration of the world. The sin in Socialism is the existence of rich and poor. To solve that sin, Socialists need to use government power as a tool of redemption to take money from the rich and transfer that wealth to the poor. When the government has transferred enough wealth from the 1% class to the 99% class, the world will finally be a "fair and just" place.....Heaven will have arrived on Earth and everyone will live happily ever after.....or so they hope.

Surprisingly, the Christian Faith is similar to Socialism on the surface. After all, truth and error often seem very similar at first glance, until you take a much closer look and finally see the deception. Like Socialism, the Bible postulates working toward a "fair and just" world. However, the difference is that the Lord determines what is "fair and just," not the government or human beings. In addition, the Lord Himself worked for justice through the Cross, not a group of politicians pandering for votes using other people's money. The Lord's way of making life fair and just is NOT to punish the rich or 1% as a special class of scapegoats and give their money to others. The Gospel's message is that the Lord Himself is the Scapegoat. The Lord takes His own wealth and freely gives it to others that don't deserve it or are entitled to anything. The Lord is motivated purely out His great love and amazing grace for us.

So what we are seeing going on in the political world today is an outright, bold attempt to remove God from the world. Man is becoming god and as a result it is Man's responsibility to create "Heaven on Earth" through Socialism. The Lord is not even in the discussion. You see this exact pattern whenever you talk to Socialists and/or Communists from around the world. They are not comfortable talking about God. The same is becoming true in the current America political world as well. Fewer and fewer politicians are willing to talk about the Lord in their platforms and/or public discourse. It is starting to seem that the Lord just gets in the way.

Tragically, when the Lord is removed from political theories like Socialism, things just fall apart....sooner or later. How interesting that the rise of Socialism in America comes just as the Nation heads toward bankruptcy created by trillions of dollars of unpaid entitlements. The Socialistic thinking that has begun to dominate American political thinking was created by using someone else's money. As the late, former Prime Minister of England, Margaret Thatcher used to say, "Socialism is a wonderful idea until you run out of other people's money."

Millions and millions of dear, deceived people are looking for Heaven on Earth under the guise of Socialism and/or Communism. Sadly, the Lord, His Gospel and salvation are not to be found anywhere in their thinking. Without the Lord, without His grace, power and love, all that could be left to us is Hell. Hell, by definition, is the one place in the Universe where Man lives without God. By attempting to find Heaven on Earth without the Lord, Socialists are actually creating a glimpse of Hell.  May each of us run to the Lord Jesus today and find life eternal and the real riches of Heaven on Earth.