Angry America

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Angry Woman2America is angry tonight. Have you noticed? If you are not sure about that, all you have to do is watch the recent debates and rancor going on within the Republican Party. These debates are a good barometer of how many people are feeling......angry. Many Americans are surprised, shocked and troubled by what is going on and are fearful for the future.

Right now the 24/7 news cycle is filled with political pundits trying to figure out what is happening to the Country and why a candidate like Donald Trump has captured the hearts and minds of many Americans from every political point of view. While it may be obvious to some, Donald Trump has little to do with the recent anger and conflict in the Presidential race. Donald Trump is a symptom, not a cause. The issues behind his candidacy and popularity stem from unaddressed issues that have been going on for a generation. Donald Trump is simply a tool of protest for many Americans to express their anger toward the ruling class of this Country, both Democratic and Republic, that have caused a dramatic decline of the Nation most of us once knew.
Ever since World War II America has slowly, but steadily drifted away from its Judeo-Christian values and Constitution. That drifting led to the removal of voluntary prayer from our public schools in 1962, unrestricted abortion in 1973 and the redefinition of marriage in 2015. In less than 60 years, America is not America anymore. In a way America experienced a "Coup d'├ętat" against its founding principles with the election of President Obama in 2008. President Obama did not hide this fact when he stated on October 30, 2008, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." Few knew back then what he we do.

From the beginning, President Obama's legislative agenda ruled against the majority of Americans. Poll after poll was clear about this reality, but nothing changed due to a complicit media and weak opposition from Republicans. As a result, the Nation's anger grew and led to dramatic elections in 2010 and 2012 that gave Republican majorities in the House and Senate in the hope that this agenda could be stopped. And yet, nothing America seemed to say or do in the traditional electoral process stopped the progressive agenda from moving forward. Traditional Americans have watched their Nation and values slip away before their eyes and they have felt powerless to do much about it. The Supreme Court's decision last summer, overturning traditional marriage, legitimatized that feeling in a new way and created desperation in much of the electorate.

While many may find the current political drama troubling and an angry electorate a cause for concern, it is VERY important for us to see what is going on in the spiritual world and where this is leading. You see only one thing causes justified anger, the moral violations of the Lord's law. We call that moral violation sin. So when you have a growing anger anywhere, you can be certain that sin is at the root of it. The Nation's anger, as reflected by the war in the Republican Party, is being caused by the fact that the political establishment has ignored the moral and spiritual sins growing within the Nation. And yet, the foundation of any leadership, political or spiritual, is moral in nature and must be held accountable. An entire generation of Americans has watched the Lord's laws mocked and removed from our society: over 60 million children aborted, marriage and the family redefined, the Constitution shredded, religious conscience and freedom diminished or removed, and money borrowed and stolen by the government in an act of brazen generational theft to gain power that has left us bankrupt.

Now we don't talk much about moral issues anymore in America, even in our churches. And yet, moral issues are destroying the Nation before our eyes. Politicians don't talk about moral issues very much because they don't feel they can be elected on them, and pastors don't say much because they might not grow their churches and be successful "reaching" people. Hence the one issue that is at the heart of everything going on right now in this race for President is moral in nature and little is being said, even by the candidates. The silence is truly deafening.

If you carefully study the Bible, you might be surprised to learn that the angriest person in the Bible is the Lord Himself. The Bible records that the Lord is angry at sin over 100 times in the Old Testament. So when we are angry about sin, it is only because we are created in God's image, according to Genesis 1:26-27. Each of us reflects the Lord's moral view of the world and, like the Lord, sometimes our patience comes to an end. If you wonder about that fact, just interview former residents from Noah's day or the City of Sodom and Gomorrah. The lessons from the Bible then are simply this; if you ignore moral issues long enough, sooner or later the Lord's anger will rise and bring some sort of judgment. That pattern is underway now in our current political chaos. The coming judgment may result in a great President to change the moral order for the good, or a bad President to bring the entire moral order down. But in either case it will be a judgment from the Lord, whether we understand it or not.

The really great news to think about in this time of National turmoil, anger and unrest is that fact that the Lord dealt with His anger toward sin through the Cross. The Lord's anger was dealt with for all of our sin by taking the punishment Himself. The Lord Jesus Christ satisfied the Divine system of justice according to Romans 3:25. In this Lenten Season, a few weeks before Good Friday, we can rejoice that our wonderful Lord was our Head, our Representative and King to give us a new beginning and life everlasting. That Good News needs to be spread around both now and long after this next election cycle.