What the World Doesn't Know about Sex

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

ToiletsIf you ever wanted a barometer to measure how much trouble our society was in today you need look no further than people fighting over "who" can go to "what" bathroom. How much worse can it get? That, of course, is the lastest battle going on in America today regarding where transgendered individuals can go to the bathroom. This issue has now even begun to be talked about by presidential candidates and the media on a regular basis. There surely is no end in sight to this fight, as it has started to involve the federal government and our legal system. One day soon it may even move to the Supreme Court, with people being eventually told where they can and can't go to the bathroom.

Now, we surely didn't arrive at this sad and chaotic place overnight. This recent "bathroom battle" has been building for a generation or so. It started when people lost the basic understanding of "male" and "female" back in the 1960's to accommodate people's changing roles in the workplace, gender politics and sexual behaviors. Back then, our culture also started to move away from the Biblical concept of sex within marriage and drifted toward an open sexuality defined by the individual. As our society started to be controlled by the "rights" of these individuals, our collective responsibility to one another started to vanish. The individual started to have the ultimate right to decide how they wanted to define sex and ultimately what was "male" or "female." Once individual rights defined "reality" and became as "god," it was only a matter of time until nothing was right or wrong and the concepts of sexuality, marriage and gender were completely destroyed as we see today.
The Good News in this hour of sexual confusion, gender and bathroom chaos, is that the Lord has always had a wonderful plan for all of this from the beginning. The tragic part of the story, however, is that the truth about these issues has been lost in a world of media suppression and political correctness, that has largely silenced the Church. As a result, the few things that will be shared in the remaining part of this article are viritually unknown in the world today. That is quite a statement, would you agree? And yet, it would be suprising IF a single teenager in America knew what sex was really about or the meaning of their gender. Let's test that hypothesis as you read on.

The entire idea of "male" and "female" was created by the Lord to teach the world about the Lord. Male and female were a reflection of the image of God from the beginning, according to the creation story in Genesis 1:26-27. The "male" was a picture of God the Father and the "female" was a picture of God the Son. The ability of the Father and the Son to create life was carried out through Person of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, all life is about the Lord and carries His Image of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God the Father initiated a marital covenant with God the Son before the world began, in which the Father gave a people to the Son (John 6:37) to forgive their sins through His shed blood on the Cross. This suffering of the Son for His people's sins is perfectly seen in the suffering and blood shed by every mother for her children at birth. The Creator's Image is wonderfully seen and reflected in the human family that is created "male" and "female," through a marital covenant, sex, suffering and the shedding of blood to bring forth life.

We can begin to see that few people on earth really understand the true meaning of gender and sexuality. Hence, the real meaning of sex cannot take place  as it was intended by the Lord with transgendered people, or anyone else for that matter, who are NOT using their biological, birth identities as "male" and "female" in a covenant of marriage. Only biologically born "males" and "females," who carry the spiritual image of God and have the potential physical ability to create life can fulfill the purpose and meaning of sex. It is only this sexual union or covenant of "male" and "female" that accurately reflects God the Father and God the Son in the Person of God the Holy Spirit to the Creation.

Since the Lord has clearly defined our gender and resulting sexuality, our society cannot decide what is "male" and "female" or who can engage in sexual activity. In the end, only Biblical truth and the resulting biology that flows from it, can establish a person's true gender, sexual identity, behavior and ultimate purpose as an individual. So in the end, the sex act itself is always about the Biblical concept of covenant that reflects the Lord's covenant love and purposes toward this world. It is the Lord's covenant of love that brings life through marriage and is seen in His promises to Israel and the people of God throughout all generations.  This covenant love, by the way, explains the current Middle East issues, the existence of Israel and every issue going on today in America and the world.

The great challenge we must face as believers in this hour is that the true grace and beauty of love, sex, marriage, male and female is being lost today. It is being replaced by a counterfeit that is moving rapidly to undermine the foundations of our entire society and world as we know it. Without the Church, speaking up and standing up to bring the issues in this article forward in a loving and clear way to our children and the next generation, the darkness will continue to grow.

And finally, the Lord Jesus Christ tells us in John 8:32 that the truth will set us free. Do we believe that? If so, perhaps the Lord is challenging us to pass this article on to someone we know and love. Perhaps the Lord is challenging us to share this with our Facebook friends, pastor, our family or our children and grandchildren. As people continue to fight over where to go to the bathroom, we must remember that the Lord fought a hard battle on the Cross to the save the world from such sins. Let's share that liberating truth and Good News with every one we can at this time.