Politically Correct Police in the Last Days

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

crying baby narcissistWhile Americans are living in a brave new world of political correctness, almost no one understands what is going on or why. Our society is being totally transformed by a group of "PC Police" that want to control everything in life from where we go to the bathroom to how we refer to God. Universities, once a haven for the First Amendment, are being transformed into havens for fragile students and faculty that need to create "safe zones" on campus where no one will be offended by a different idea. Even America's pulpits are being shaped by politically correct Bible translations and sermons that might find it hostile to use non inclusive gender language or refer to the Lord as a "Him" or "He."

If the truth be told, most of us would be shocked how fast this new world ethic of political correctness is sweeping the globe. As an example, some of the schools in Sweden will not even refer to boys and girls anymore as "boys" and "girls" lest a person's gender be socially conditioned, instead of a "free" choice. Our businesses and companies are spending millions of dollars on "sensitivity training" to make sure no one is offended in the work place with an inappropriate comment about gender, race, sexuality or the latest "PC Issue" that changes every week. Few doubt that this explosion of politically correctness will stop. Sadly, many Americans are beginning to live in fear about how to behave in a world where the slightest misstatement in our schools, work places or public institutions may have serious repercussions for our personal and professional lives.
Behind all political correctness is the power of the individual to have certain rights and freedoms that have now become "sacred." Virtually all of these rights are not defined in the Bible or the Constitution. None of them come from any written laws. A good example of this would be gay marriage. Nowhere in the Bible or the Constitution is there any language about being entitled to gay marriage. Such "rights" are simply not there, unless you have the right lawyers and media attention. Instead, what we are seeing is the deification of the individual, in which the individual runs society. The concept of a healthy, corporate society with laws that direct the individual and/or challenge their individual behavior is being lost before our eyes. In simple language, "Everyone does what is right in their own eyes" as we read about in Judges 21:25, and society pays the price.

Now as individuals become supreme or "godlike" a society no longer is able to say "No" to anything, anyone or any behavior. In this world, the individual tells society what it must do.....or else. This is clearly the case with the recent rising power of transgendered individuals to shape our society's ethic and laws, even though they only represent .3% of the nation. This smallest of minorities is now beginning to gain control of the country's speech and laws as we head to the future. This group is one among many that terrorize the public with their "rights" and "entitlements" under the power of litigation and the media influence.

As we watch this overemphasis on the individual there is a resulting explosion of narcissism. The growth of narcissism is the fruit of individualism and the collapse of our social cohesion that comes from laws and traditions. Such narcissism also explains the rapid growth of the "entitlement state' in which individuals "deserve" to get free stuff at the expense of others from pandering politicians. America's narcissism epidemic also explains why so many of our young people need politically correct schools and colleges to protect them from reality because their "feelings" might be hurt. Instead of empowering maturing adults, we are increasingly becoming a nation of crybabies looking for our society to coddle our narcissism.

The fact that more and more of our citizenry are not in touch with reality is not only an ominous sign for the future, it is a prophetic one. Surely a nation of crybabies and narcissists are not going to defend liberty, because they don't understand it. As a result, our concept of free speech and the First Amendment has started to vanish. Americans are being seduced into giving up these rights on their own without a single shot being fired. Americans are not having their rights taken away; they are giving them up freely without a fight. Political correctness has literally put the nation to sleep as the enemy approaches the gate.

The Bible is very clear that just before our Lord Jesus returns, there will be an epidemic of exactly the kind of narcissism we are seeing today in passages like II Timothy 3:1-5 and 4:3-4. A nation of coddled crybabies is surely no match for the devil and his team that are taking the field. The devil's team is filled with varsity players that play without rules and laws. After all, the devil never cared about the law, and that is why his human presence on earth in the coming Antichrist is referred to as the "man of lawlessness" (II Thessalonians 2:3-9). The devil and his team started all of this long ago when they decided they wanted to overturn the Lord and His Kingdom from the beginning (Ezekiel 28:11-19, Revelation 12:7-12). You see, the devil was the first narcissist in Creation!

The answer to this plague of political correctness and the narcissism that is destroying America and the world is the Cross. The Cross forgives sin and crucifies our fallen concept of self. The Lord Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil (I John 3:8) and give us a new, resurrected beginning as individuals and a society. The Lord Jesus showed us that His Kingdom is built on humility, service and sacrifice for others. May we all stand up and speak up for Jesus in this late hour and provide salt and light to a dying world. Pass it on!