Can Liberals Be Morally Outraged?

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Bill and HillaryIn what has to be one of the most astonishing cases of moral hypocrisy in political history, Democratic Candidate for President, Hillary Clinton has asked the voters of America to abandon Republican candidate Donald Trump over a recently released video/audio tape. The tape in question shows Mr. Trump engaging in a sexually explicit and degrading conversation about women with a reporter that was recorded over 10 years ago while he was a private citizen.

Response to the tape has been strong from both Democrats and Republics alike. Some are publicly distancing themselves from Mr. Trump, while others have called for him to drop out of the race altogether. And while Mr. Trump has apologized for his behavior and comments to the nation in Sunday's Presidential Debate, the controversy will continue in the minds of many and may even affect the results of the election.

What is simply amazing about this recent turn of events is that Candidate Clinton and her husband, former President Clinton, seem to expect the nation to support them in their moral outrage regarding Mr. Trump's behavior regarding some comments about women. Somehow their personal behavior, the last 50 years of a liberal, progressive agenda in government and the moral collapse of the nation under their direct influence seems to be conveniently forgotten in their quest to gain power and return to office again.
If there is one thing that has characterized the last 50 years or so of American life it has been the continual attempt by liberals and progressives to destroy the Judeo-Christian standards that were a part of the nation's founding and history. Biblical standards on marriage, family and sexuality have been under constant assault at every level, even in the professing Church. The progressive message to the courts, classrooms and living rooms of America during this time is that personal freedom and autonomy is the only thing that really matters. Things like moral standards and the Ten Commandments are part of an old, tired way of living that needed to be revised and made more up-to-date with today's modern world of personal freedom and license.

This humanistic, progressive world view has now largely replaced the Constitution and the Bible as the law of the land. God is out and self is in. In less than 50 years, this new found "freedom" has led to the abortion of over 60 million children, the destruction of the nuclear family, the redefinition of marriage, an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and the inability to even know what a "man" or "woman" is anymore and no idea of where to even go to the bathroom.

Closer to home, Candidate Clinton has moved to being the most radical abortionist in American political history, second only to President Obama. She supports partial birth abortion with no restrictions to literally the moment of delivery, which is infanticide. In addition, she received the "Margaret Sanger Award" from Planned Parenthood as the most outspoken champion of a woman's right to an abortion. Planned Parenthood has waged a continual war against America's women, morality and our common sense of decency. This horrific attack on our women, children and families continues today as thousands of unborn children's body parts are trafficked for financial gain. The only lasting moral outrage against this ghastly practice came against the people that videotaped and revealed this ghoulish practice to the public.

On the sexual front, the Clintons single handedly redefined the meaning of the word "sex" while President Clinton was in the White House. President Clinton modeled and lowered the sexual standards for a generation of children that is still going on today. Eventually this outrageous behavior led to his perjury and obstruction of justice resulting in his impeachment by the United States Congress in 1998. He was only the second American President in history to be so charged next to President Andrew Johnson in 1868.

In addition to redefining the word "sex," President Clinton engaged in a pattern of known adultery and even rape with untold numbers of women for over 40 years while in office. One of the cases settled out of court for a large sum of money, but several others never reached court out of fear of media manipulation and personal safety concerns among his victims. All of this behavior resulted in the damage and destruction of countless women's lives. This breathtaking moral behavior was directly and indirectly aided and abetted by current Candidate Clinton, who saw the women as people to suppress and/or to personally destroy in order to continue her political ambitions. None of these cases have yet to be resolved. To date President Clinton has never been held accountable for his treatment of women by the media, the courts or Congress.

With a history of corruption and moral bankruptcy second to none in American political history, how ironic that the Clintons are suddenly "morally outraged" and concerned about honoring women a few weeks before an election that will return themselves to power.  This political strategy and media charade may actually turn the course of this election and perhaps the history of America and the world.  And while no one of any party should condone or support the comments made by Mr. Trump, it is hard to believe their hypocrisy would ever be taken seriously by the nation as they try to pass themselves off as models of moral and political virtue.

For people like the Clintons and most progressives, morality is culturally conditioned and interpreted by themselves. They do not believe in moral standands given by the Lord.  Their goal is to use their feigned moral outrage as a tool to manipulate a naive and unsuspecting public with emotion for their political purposes. Sadly, the people they end up deceiving to vote for them are just as expendable as the people they have destroyed from the past in their quest for power and control over others.

In many ways the Clintons are America's equivalent of Ahab and Jezebel from the Bible as found in I Kings 16:30-33, 18 and 19. This infamous Biblical couple did more damage than any other couple in the Old Testament to Israel. They seduced Israel to leave their past foundations with the Lord and commit spiritual adultery with the culture of the day. Their corruption was legendary and their behavior led to a great persecution and murder of the Godly remnant in Israel as seen in the days of the prophet Elijah. Eventually both Ahab and Jezebel died violent deaths, but not before Israel suffered immensely at their hand. Should the Clintons return to power, the Lord's Church will see a dramatic loss of Constitutional freedoms and outright persecution of those speaking up for the Lord and Biblical truth.
For most people today, an article like this seems totally inappropriate in an age of supposed "separation of Church and State." And to make any Biblical comparisons with current characters running for office seems to borders on "fanaticism." Few people seem to realize the magnitude of what is happening to America right now. We are truly watching the Book of Revelation opening before our very eyes as these ungodly patterns will inevitably lead to a further decline of America and the eventual rise of the Antichrist in the West. These are truly the "times that try men's souls" that Thomas Paine wrote about during the period of the American Revolution in December 1776. We are in such a revolution today, yet few are able to see it and even fewer seem willing to do much about it.  Let's pass this article on to others and be a part of a new American Revolution to bring our Nation back to the Lord.

If there was ever a time to pray and share the Gospel with others it is now. We need to pray for the Lord to have mercy on us and give us courage and discernment to face this hour. The days of comfort and ease are long gone in America for the true Church. Just as Elijah represented the true remnant in his day, there is a true remnant today in America that can never be silenced or destroyed and will never bow their knee to Baal. May each of us be found to be a part of that remnant by His amazing grace. May our hearts continue to cry out to the Lord to come and deliver His people. Even so, come Lord Jesus!