America's Journey to Heaven or Hell

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Antonin Scalia Official SCOTUS Portrait cropEvery election, including this coming one, is ultimately about a choice that people make regarding the rule of law over their lives. So when America goes to vote this coming Tuesday in the presidential election, people will NOT just be voting for a candidate. In the end, people will be voting for whether or not the rule of law will be upheld. This is true because the next President will be deciding what happens to the Supreme Court through their nomination of a judge to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. America's entire Supreme Court and the rule of law hangs in the balance.

Our Constitution gives the president the power to nominate judges to the Supreme Court in Article II Section II. These nominations are evaluated, reviewed and either ratified or rejected by the Senate. Every president appoints justices to the Court that either sees the Constitution as a fixed body of unchanging law OR something that changes with the culture and needs of the people. Sadly, because several justices on the Supreme Court over the years have seen the Constitution as a culturally conditioned document, our nation has increasingly become lawless. After all, how does the Constitution ever provide legal cover to justify abortion/infanticide or gay marriage as an example? Both of these current Supreme Court "laws" never had any basis in the original intent of Founders when the Constitution was written.

While it may surprise people, what we see happening with the justices of the Supreme Court over the years is exactly what happened in the Garden of Eden. The Lord gave Adam and Eve His Constitution of unchanging laws to protect and preserve them. Humanity was given the choice whether they would accept the Lord's laws and commands as given or interpret them their way. The Bible is clear that the devil was the 1st lawyer to challenge the Lord's laws with the infamous question that continues to this day, "Did God really say....?" (Genesis 3:1) This inability to allow any law to stand as written has been the curse of our fallen world and the foundation of all our legal troubles. Without fixed laws and standards, every society ends up with legal and moral relativism and a society that is run by people. Such a society has dethroned God and will ultimately descend into some form of chaos and lawlessness as we see emerging in America today, followed by a final judgment.

As you look at the two candidates for president, each has a very different view of the law and Constitution. Few voters really have any idea of what kind of justices each of these candidates will appoint if elected OR how those choices will ultimately impact every one's life in the days ahead. Sadly, most campaigns seem to major on short term scandals that are sensational in nature, shaping the emotions of the voters one way or another toward a given candidate. Few voters are thinking about what kind of justices will be appointed to the Supreme Court. And yet, this is the most important issue to consider because it is THE issue that will ultimately define America as a nation since every nation rises and falls on its laws and morals.

Since the death of Justice Scalia this past February, the Supreme Court has largely been deadlocked in a 4-4 tie between justices who view laws as ruling over us as opposed to being ruled over by society and culture. When the next president appoints a new justice in the coming months, that tie will be broken one way or another. This tie breaking justice will end up either reinforcing the Constitution's original intent or violating it. The decisions that will come forth will potentially become as important to our lives as abortion and gay marriage have been. They will shape the next generation of American life and the world for good or evil.

While many people may not see some of the key issues facing our nation, such issues are clearly before us right now. Namely, do Christians have a right to moral conscience and free speech regarding their views of sexuality and marriage under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution? If not, Christians are going to be discriminated against in the work place and society in general. Pastors, chaplains and religious workers in our churches, Christian colleges and universities may not be able to preach/teach or say certain things without fines and/or possible jail time. Churches and schools may also lose their tax-exempt status and be taxed out of business or closed altogether. Christian students may not be able to receive government student loans to attend the schools of their choice unless the government approves of them. These possible results of potential new decisions by the Supreme Court are not just theory; such things have already happened in other nations around the world. The only thing protecting Christians from such legal action and coercion right now is the Constitution as it currently stands. That protection can change in one week with the next new decision.

Another example of how such changes in our laws can dramatically affect our lives and freedoms is already being seen with issues related to abortion and our healthcare system. Our courts are already tied up in numerous cases trying to protect Christians from the forced requirement to pay for abortions against their religious conscience. When Christians are forced to pay for abortions against their will you have effectively ended the 1st Amendment and the Founders understanding of religious liberty and freedom.

In addition to the 1st Amendment, every other protection and right is subject to the same governments overreach by the Supreme Court. No law is potentially free from intrusion by the State. Once these Constitutional protections are gone the State and Government become almighty and you move toward totalitarianism. If this happens America and the world will move closer to the Book of Revelation than one Nation under God. The concept of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" as outlined in the Declaration of Independence will be gone forever. That is the power of one new president, one new justice and one new decision to change our laws in this coming election.

So beneath the politics of the Supreme Court is the real issue of the day.  You see behind all laws are God's laws.  As a result, the Supreme Court either upholds or destroys the Lord's laws in the end.  We have seen that pattern the past few years as politicans and lawyers have tirelessly worked to remove the 10 Commandments from our society.  As those commandments have seemingly disappeared, it has given cover to deceive the public into a lawlessness at the hand of our professors, politicians and pundits.  Yet the Bible is very clear that God's laws are given as a gift to show us our sin and the need for a Savior (Romans 7:7).  Without a loving, merciful Savior, everyone faces a judgment for sin, whatever our political or legal views of the Supreme Court.   

As we prepare to vote, each of us should carefully study both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and their views of the law, justice and the Supreme Court. Each of them holds a radically different view of reality and the Constitution. When you consider that Hillary Clinton is the most radical abortionist in American history, it is clear which view of the law's interpretation she supports.  We need to be wise and cast a vote as if our nation depends on it, because it does. Forget the sound bites and tabloid sensationalism that has characterized much of this election. Such media manipulation is just a distraction. The real issue in the end is a choice between law or license, order or chaos, freedom or tyranny, life and death, Heaven and Hell.

Join all of us on the Carlson Report and get out and vote this Tuesday, November 8. Vote as IF our lives and Nation depended on it......because they do!