Dividing and Conquering America...NFL Style

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Take a KneeIf there was one principle that is at the heart of showing us the depth of the spiritual battle we are in today, it would be the attempt by certain groups and individuals to "divide and conquer" our nation. So, whenever you see a spirit that moves people away from truth and turns them against one another, you can be sure you are dealing with a spirit that is opposed to the Lord and His purposes. That is true because the Lord Himself is a unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our Lord's own nature and work in redemption is designed to bring people together by uniting people in the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the way, the truth and the life.

For the last 50 years or so we have seen a spirit of division attacking America and our institutions at every level. That divisive spirit has attacked the family, marriage, the Ten Commandments, the Church, the Constitution, our legal system and the nation itself. The way it works is simple. Find a "supposed injustice" or "victim," protest it loudly with the media, take it to court and turn people against each other. This pattern of finding new "victims of injustice" has polarized the entire nation and it is getting worse every week. In just a few short years our country has been turned against itself and our future as one nation under God is surely in doubt. Only the Lord knows how long this pattern can and will continue.
A good example of this issue at work is seen in what happened with abortion. In the now famous case of Roe vs. Wade back in 1973, Ms. Roe was a supposed "victim" because her individual rights were being denied in being able to have an abortion. In answer to that "injustice," the Supreme Court legalized unrestricted abortion leading to the death of over 60 million children and counting. The injustices against the children that were aborted got lost somewhere along the way. Once people figured out they could use the media and courts to magnify their personal grievances, there has seemingly been no end to the "injustices" that are being found in every area of life every day. This battle, largely driven by the media, has totally polarized voters, politics, and elections and turned the nation against itself.
Such is the current case regarding the recent protests in the NFL (National Football League) that have dominated the media this past week. At the heart of this debate is the attempt by some players to boycott the National Anthem because there has supposedly been widespread racial injustice going on in America that is not being addressed. Never mind that the Nation had recently elected an African American President to 8 years in office. Never mind that there really hasn't been specific, documented patterns of evidence to establish this fact. Sadly, it seems these vague charges and accusations against America are "true"' just because the media and some individuals say they are true.  As a result, the nation as a whole has been found guilty of sin and needs to repent, according to some. This current division by members of the NFL and other professional sports teams is spreading rapidly. It has turned players against players, coaches against owners, fans against players, white against black.

Now the ONE issue that hasn't been mentioned in this current media frenzy about the NFL and supposed racism in America is the fact that there is plenty of serious sin in the NFL. How about mentioning the fact that the NFL players are perhaps the most well-paid individuals in the world, earning millions of dollars to just throw around a ball? Is that fair or socially just? Shouldn't these players be held accountable to pay more taxes so they can all help the poor and minorities in their communities? And who can forget the out of control behavior of numerous NFL players that has led to literally hundreds of crimes from the serial battering of their wives and girlfriends to open murder? With this growing need to moralize to the nation by not standing for the National Anthem, perhaps some of the players and the NFL's leadership need to get ready to make some public statements regarding these issues and how their poor role-modeling and hypocrisy is corrupting the youth of America that look up to them?

In the end, what the current media frenzy is not telling us regarding this battle in the NFL about standing for the National Anthem is the deeper issues behind it. You see, America's power and influence in the world is connected to our patriotism, unity and the belief that America is good, in spite of Her sins. America has been a force for good in the world to spread Biblically based freedoms, laws, order and a way of life that has made our nation the most influential source of blessing for individual rights and freedoms in the history of the world. The multitude of men and women that died in war to make America free, good and prosperous never got an NFL signing bonus. None of those soldiers got a sport's shoe contract or had their face on a cereal box. Some of them are buried in forgotten, foreign lands most of the NFL players couldn't find on map. So, when you destroy patriotism in public gatherings and turn citizens against each other over a particular sin, and totally ignore others, you divide America and reject what creates and defines any nation. You begin to eliminate the unity of that nation to bring good and you cast the nation into a world driven and manipulated by globalists that hate our patriotism, nation and the Lord that made it possible. That spirit is working right now to divide and destroy us. It is a spirit that must be discerned and stood up against in this day, lest our unity is lost and our unique national character conquered.

Right now, America is literally fighting for her soul, and the signs of the battle are all around us, even when gathering for a football game. President Lincoln, while yet a Senator in 1858 gave a famous speech just before the Civil War that a "house divided against itself cannot stand." Lincoln was referring to how slavery had divided the nation and a divided nation would eventually fall. Many people forget today that Lincoln was quoting the Lord Jesus Christ from Matthew 12:25 talking about how deep divisions will eventually bring the end of any kingdom. America is in a new civil war today about truth, the Lord and the very meaning of our nation. The battle is raging all around us, but we joyfully know that one day our Lord will bring unity to this world by the power of His Gospel to save and redeem us from all of our sins, not just the ones we bring to someone's attention on Sunday.

Long after the NFL is gone and football is no more, our Lord will rule and reign forever. The Lord's only agenda is to save us from our sins, whatever they might be. That is why the Lord Jesus came. We all need to look at our own lives in this critical hour and realize that only the Cross and a loving Lord can forgive sin, make us free and bring real social justice to a fallen world.