We Only Have 18 Months to Save the World!

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Lunar LandingOne of the most amazing events in human history was when 3 Americans landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969 as part of the Apollo 11 mission. This weekend, we have come to the 50th anniversary of that historic event and there are many stories and events scheduled to help us look back and remember. Who could ever forget Neil Armstrong's incredible statement as he stepped onto the Moon, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"? I remember well watching the TV with my family as a young teenager and being amazed at what was going on. Most of us looked at that event with awe and started to believe that just about anything could be accomplished with the right plan and determination. In some ways, July 20, 1969 was a watershed moment for American culture and technology like no other before or since.

And yet, 50 years later it is simply amazing to realize that millions of people in this nation and around the world don't even believe the moon landings ever happened. For some it was a total fake, staged for public consumption and political purposes. In a recent poll done by PC Magazine, that reflect similar polls, it was found that 10% of the American public do not believe the moon landing happened at all. Even more incredible is that this unbelief reflects about 18% of all those between the ages of 18-34. And so as many are looking back on this great event, it seems that more than a few are left thinking it was all a lie.

Things like this leave all of us with the same question Pontius Pilate asked our Lord Jesus at His trial in John 18:38, "What is truth?" It seems we are increasingly living in a world of opinion and fantasy that drives how people see reality. After all, perception is reality. Once you change a person's view of reality through lies, the media or the opinions of others, you change how they see truth and live their lives. That is the battle we are in today. It is a battle over what really happened, what is really going on and what is the ultimate truth about anything versus lies, fabrications and outright deception.

Nowhere has this battle over reality and truth come into focus more clearly than the recent battle over global warming or climate change that is being waged in every nation, particularly in the western nations such as Europe and the USA. To illustrate this point, in a recent speech given at a reception at Clarence House on July 11, Prince Charles spoke to British Commonwealth leaders and said,
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am firmly of the view that the next 18 months will decide our ability to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the equilibrium we need for our survival."
The Prince is telling the world that we have only 18 months to save the planet from a trajectory of unsustainable climate change that will end the world as we know it.  But what does that exactly mean? No one really knows. Does it mean we will all die? Maybe just some of us will die? The specifics on our doomed planet are as yet a little sketchy, but surely some sort of end is drawing near for us according to the Prince. Now IF any of this is true, we better get busy and do what we can IMMEDIATELY. But once again, what are we supposed to do? Does the Prince want to give up his plane and yacht or is it just the rest of us that have to do things like that? Can we drive cars anymore or have electricity in our houses? Much of this panic is driven by the idea that growing carbon dioxide emissions are causing this "planetary apocalypse" of climate change to unfold. But this idea of unwanted carbon dioxide emissions raises even deeper questions that are not being answered as well. After all, are we even allowed to breathe, since our breath is carbon dioxide? Who enforces these needed standards? What are they? How do we know if we have succeeded or met them? There are a million uncertainties with all of this, and yet the one thing that is 100% certain and clear to world leaders like Prince Charles is that we only have 18 months left to stop this catastrophe...and we better get busy!

And while it might seem a little too much focus is being put on Prince Charles, his ideas are believed and being advanced by major leaders from all over the world tonight including those in the USA. Everywhere you turn we are hearing that scientists have concluded we only have 12 years left to save the planet. That timeline seems a little more hopefully than 18 months. Not surprisingly, like the supposed fake moon landings, the idea we only have 12 years left is believed by millions of Americans, especially the young,  and is a major political discussion point for elective office today. Virtually all the current Democratic candidates running for President believe climate change is perhaps the greatest threat we face and as a result requires, if not demands, radical government action if we are to survive. To them this is NOT a guess but certainty and settled science. But a deeper look at ALL the facts surrounding climate change leads to an obvious conclusion that there no consensus about any of these issues from scientific experts in every field. We just never hear from these dissenting or different voices.....and there are many of them out there. Those voices are systematically suppressed and demonized by the media and political establishment so that virtually no one ever hears them.

So the amazing thing going on this weekend is that millions are people all over the world have rejected that the moon landings ever took place and others are totally convinced that global climate change is real and that the world must immediately unite to stop it from happening to save the world. How did we get here? What makes millions of people reject the obvious facts that surround the moon landings and yet be ready to turn their nations, their lives and their money over to climate change political leaders with no clear facts that are agreed upon? All of the moon landings are well documented and established by millions of eyewitnesses and a score of NASA scientists, engineers and the astronauts themselves? So if the moon landing didn't happen it would be the greatest conspiracy in human history. However, none of the 12 Apollo astronauts that have walked on the moon have yet confessed on their death bed that it never happened. That would include Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, who died in 2012. Not one person ever involved with NASA and the moon landings have ever raised a question about their veracity and yet again millions of people today just don't believe they happened.

The only way to explain all of this chaos is to understand that we are dealing with a deep spiritual issue not a political, scientific or economic one. The difference between the moon landings and climate change is that belief or rejection of the moon landings doesn't require more government control of our world whatever you believe. That is not the case with climate change. For climate change to be implemented you need a strong, central and powerful global government. You need a system of worldwide control that would unite all the nations together for a specific purpose. After all, real global problems require real global solutions and governance. But once you give humanity unlimited power to control how all of the energy on earth is burned and used by people you are dealing with a spiritual issue that the Bible speaks about in numerous places and that reality should matter to everyone.

You see the Bible tells us that Man wanted to run the world and be a god from the beginning. That was the lie in the Garden in Genesis 3:5 namely that, "you shall be like god." This desire to be in control of the world and to be "as god" has gotten in our fallen spiritual DNA in Adam from the beginning. That desire has now emerged into a search for global government and control of the world without the Lord. We are now watching that terrible lie from the Garden emerging again, as it seeks to gain control of the world. The issues surrounding global climate change are yet another attempt to facilitate this misguided lie into becoming a sinful reality. Sadly, few of the people talking about climate change have any real, public faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. For many of them our Lord is a competitor, not someone you worship and bow before. So, for multitudes today the entire issue surrounding the control of the climate is something humanity must do to run our world our way. God need not be consulted. If the truth be known, God is in the way for many of these individuals and is a spiritual enemy.

Now the Bible is crystal clear that our Lord runs this world, not supposed climate scientists or self-focused politicians. This is our Father's world. It doesn't belong to us. This is the one truth that is being totally ignored today by design. God has a plan for this beautiful world and its people and it is centered in the Gospel message of redemption. The world's problem tonight is sin, not climate change or too much carbon dioxide. The solution to any and all of the problems in our world must be connected to the Lord and His loving plan for us in the death of the Lord Jesus Christ for sin. And yet, not a single conversation in the world tonight about climate change ever mentions the Lord as having a solution, plan or any idea at all on how to solve any of these human problem, real or imaginary.  In the end, only God and God alone can save humanity. That is the missing piece of every discussion today about "saving" the world from supposed climate change or anything else for that matter.

The Good News this week is that the world is NOT going to end in 18 months or 12 years. The Lord had an eternal plan for Earth that can never be changed. It was established from the beginning of time. The Lord is the God of the living and His people, like Him, have eternal life. Once we understand that truth, that the Earth and the redeemed are eternal, everything changes. No longer do we listen to politicians or leaders trying to manipulate us for their agenda. No longer do we fear the future or worry about the present. As Christians, we rejoice in each day the Lord gives us with a blessed hope for tomorrow. Each day we look forward to a wonderful future that has been guarded and protected by the Lord for our good. Discovering these basic truths about God's plan for our world and our lives is the Lord's gift to bless us today and forever more  and keep us out of the chaos of climate politics. Pass on this Good News to someone that needs to hear it.