Multiculturalism: Dream or Nightmare?

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Tower of Babel
In the last few days, there has been a frantic battle in Washington to globalize our country’s trade policies through a piece of legislation call TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) or TPA (Trade Promotion Authority). The two acrostics are related, but the politics are confusing. The bottom line is a surrender of the nation’s authority on trade policy to others. Doing so will supposedly enhance world trade and promote prosperity.  This globalization on trade policy is just another aspect of a process that has been under way since World War II. After the war, the nations of the world began to attempt to work together in new ways to avoid the disastrous nationalism that had been seen in Germany, Italy, and Japan.

This cooperative movement, following the War, birthed what we call multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism began to be the belief that the nations of the world could agree to live in peace with one another and create a world of tolerance where nationalism and economic, political, and religious differences could be worked through in a constructive way. That belief system, driving our world today, is the father of political correctness. Every attempt to create and enforce political correctness in America and the world today is really being driven by this utopian multiculturalism.
President Obama has modeled this worldview well and is the first truly multicultural President in American history. This is what he told the world from Germany during his 2008 campaign. Just before being elected President, he told the world, “Tonight, I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen – a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world.” Nobody seemed to really understand how he was a “citizen of the world” ... until now. We have watched as his Administration has done everything possible to surrender and diminish our country’s sovereignty, from border battles and policies in the Middle East to the current trade legislation.

What almost no one seems to understand is that President Obama and the world are just replaying the story of the Tower of Babel from Genesis 11. Back then, the world came together to build a great new world. It was a world of new beginnings for humanity that reached to the heavens. The only problem with this new world was the fact that there was no room for the Lord. The Lord had conveniently been left out, forgotten, ignored ... rejected. The world was now under the authority of a new god ... the world’s citizens and their leaders.

Now if you read the story from Genesis 11 you realize the Lord was deeply concerned about what would happen when people starting running things together without Him. As a matter of fact, the Lord was so concerned that He came down from Heaven to stop the Tower they were building and the progress they thought they were making. The Lord divided the peoples and gave them new languages. The Lord did this out of mercy and love because He knew that, left alone, the world and its bold new Tower would come crashing down on everyone one day and miss the great plan and purposes that He had for everyone.

Right now the world is living out a bad movie called “Back to the Tower.” It hasn’t been produced in Hollywood. We are all living it. The lessons of Genesis 11 have been forgotten and anyone who mentions them is a “fanatic.” And yet, disaster is coming ... a big disaster. Only the return of the Lord Jesus Christ will stop the Tower from falling on us all. Even so, come Lord Jesus.