World War I, II, & III and the Restoration of Israel

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Israeli Flag-WikiI barely finished writing about the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris last week, when yet another scene of Islamic violence took place in Mali today, murdering at least 20. As this mayhem continues to grow daily, the entire world is increasingly on edge with news stories that seem to run 24/7. Recently, King Abdullah of Jordan was quoted as saying that he believes this escalating violence and terror has brought us to what will eventually turn into World War III. The King, himself a Muslim, is uniquely positioned inside the Islamic world to see where this violence is going to lead us in the near future. The only world leader that doesn’t seem to have any clarity about the seriousness of the hour appears to be President Obama.

The idea of a coming world war seems very scary to everyone… it should! While many have forgotten the devastation of World War I and II, the old newsreels are still available to watch and remember the past. And yet, few want to do it and even fewer want to see any parallels with the present hour. The idea that we are replaying the issues of World War II, in which powerful nations did nothing to stop Hitler’s violence and threats before the eventual war started, is lost in our current battles with Islamic terrorism. Naïve and delusional politicians still believe they can appease the terrorists and end up with “peace,” as did Neville Chamberlain and western leaders before World War II. As a result, instead of facing the harsh reality of the hour, the recent tragedies are just a “setback” according to President Obama, not a wakeup call to decisive action. The lessons of history have been lost…..again!
Now when World War I started in 1914, the Land of Israel was in the hands of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. This Islamic empire had lasted for over 400 years. And yet, at war’s end, with over 20 million dead, control of the Land of Israel passed over to Britain and the West. Miraculously, in the midst of this same world war, the British Government began to discuss and support the concept of a reborn State of Israel through the now famous “Balfour Declaration” that was written in November of 1917. The Lord was at work to bring life and hope out of death.
And while few would have believed it possible, only 21 years later, World War II started and eventual led to the death of over 60 million people. Out of the ashes of this world war and the Holocaust came that same hope of returning to the Promised Land, something that was only dreamed of with the Balfour Declaration. That dream finally became a reality when the modern nation of Israel was reborn on May 14, 1948. The Lord was at work again as the physical resurrection of an entire people and nation grew out of evil and genocide.

Tonight, as the world continues to be engulfed in this current drama with Islamic terrorism, we see the approach of World War III. King Abdullah is right. Thankfully, a few are beginning to finally see the Hand of the Lord at work over the last 100 years of history. How can we not see the Lord working through two world wars to begin His restoration of Israel as a Land and a people? Only the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Resurrection and the Life could bring meaning and life to such a tragedy by physically resurrecting the Land of Israel and her people as the ancient prophets predicted in passages such as Ezekiel 37:1-14.

Right now the Islamic world is not interested in Israel’s restoration. In fact most of them are planning her destruction. Only a sovereign, loving and amazing Lord can work all things for the good for Israel and the entire world. But just as World War III is nearing, so too is the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to make His glorious return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. One day soon the Prince of Peace will be here and we won’t need any more politicians or political pundits in the media talking about a phony “peace” anymore…..we will have it forever.

Dear friends, let’s look to the Lord Jesus each day as our Savior, Lord and God. Let’s rejoice that His glorious plan for our lives and this world is taking place before our very eyes. Let’s share that hope with as many as we can in this exciting hour.