Israel Is a Person, Not a Democracy

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Kerry and NetanyahuWe are surely living in exciting days as we watch the Lord's purposes for Israel unfold before our eyes. Some of the most prophetically important moments for Israel in her history are under way right now. In the past, the United States has been a stalwart friend to Israel from her beginning as a nation in 1948. However, recent actions by the outgoing Obama Administration and Secretary of State John Kerry reflect a deep enmity against Israel that has seemingly been hidden and building for the past eight years.

As a case in point, on December 23, 2016 the United Nation's Security Council voted to condemn Israel's building of new settlements in the West Bank as a "flagrant violation of international law." The United States had the power to stop this action, as a permanent member of the Security Council, but chose to abstain from the vote, thereby insuring that the measure would pass. Secretary Kerry defended the decision to abandon Israel by stating that Israel "can be Jewish or it can be democratic." In other words, if Israel continues to build Jewish settlements in the West Bank, areas contested since the Six Day War in 1967, there will never be any way for there to be a peace agreement with the Palestinians.
Now the KEY issue that is virtually never discussed by the Obama Administration in these conflicts is that there has never been any serious interest in peace from the Palestinians or the Islamic world. That is true because they have never accepted Israel's existence as a nation from the beginning. Each and every attack on Israel since 1948 has reinforced that truth. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that reality in commenting about Kerry's speech regarding the United Nation's vote, saying,
"For over an hour, Kerry obsessively dealt with settlements and barely touched upon the root of the conflict – Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries."
In other words, if Israel stopped all settlements and turned over the entire West Bank to the Palestinians, the Palestinians would still NOT accept Israel's legitimacy as a nation. This is the one issue that simply is not being discussed and it is hidden from the public by the media and politicians like President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. You see in the end, the real issues under way have nothing to do with a piece of land and political compromise. The ultimate battles for Israel's future boundaries are spiritual in nature and run through the entire course of human history. Only the Lord Himself will ever be able to sort out these issues.

Sadly, the idea that the Lord has anything to say about Israel and this world is simply not even on the radar of reality for most politicians. President Obama and Secretary Kerry see Israel as just another nation that can be guided and run by some form of political democracy. Never mind the fact that NONE of the other nations or groups of people attacking Israel in the Middle East are democracies. No, we are supposed to believe that by allowing the Palestinians to have more land we will create the coveted "Two State Solution" with real and lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. This sad fantasy has haunted the Middle East and world politics for the past 70 years and has no signs of changing until our Lord Jesus returns.

What almost everyone has really forgotten in this current drama with Israel is that Israel was never meant to be a democracy. Israel is NOT primarily a land or a political reality....Israel is a person. In the Bible, the first mention of Israel is a name given to Jacob by the Lord in Genesis 32:28. Israel therefore is first and foremost a person. Israel is an individual that becomes the father and head of a new people through the 12 Tribes of Israel....Jacob's sons. Israel is God's offspring, His beloved son, His people. Israel was never meant to be defined by a few contested acres of land in the Middle East. Israel was meant to be a living person, a people, a nation in a redeemed world.

Now the moment a person begins to see Israel as a person FIRST and then a people, not just a contested land, everything changes. We move from politics to life. We change the narrative from borders and boundaries to a people connected to a Person, a Greater Jacob....a Body of believers living in a New Jerusalem forever. You see it was our Lord Jesus that wrestled with Jacob in Genesis 32 and gave him the new name of Israel. It was our Lord that created life out of Jacob's loins to bring forth a new people, His Body to reflect His redeeming love to the world. The Land of Israel was NEVER about building a "fair" democracy or negotiating a way to draw a boundary on a map. All of those ideas are misguided at best and completely ignore history as we know it.

As we watch this drama in the United Nations continue to unfold against Israel, we are seeing the issue that will one day draw the whole world into conflict. The Bible is very clear that the enmity we witnessed back on December 23 in the United Nation's Security Council against Israel is a prophetic picture of the world's future enmity that will lead to a World War. The Bible tells us that in a period prior to the Lord Jesus' return, all of the nations will be brought against Israel. In Zechariah 12:3 we hear,
On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves.
Current events and the future prophetic landscape are warnings of great drama and trials for Israel and the world. As Israel seems to have fewer and fewer supporters and friends, they are getting closer and closer to crying out to the Lord for help and deliverance. The Lord of Heaven and Earth has not forgotten the Nation, or His promises to save her. The Greater Jacob, the True Israel will come one day in power and glory and all of Israel will be saved (Romans 11:26) as the Nation looks on the One they pierced and will mourn for Him as an only Son (Zechariah 12:10).

As these exciting days unfold before us, let's run to the Lord Jesus and find in Him the real answer for peace in our hearts and true security in life and the in Middle East.