The Disappearance of America

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Statue of LibertyOne of the great questions that has been raised by many Christians and Bible students over the years is simply this, "Does America appear anywhere in the Bible?" Surely that has to be an important question if the Lord has a plan for the world and America is at the center of the world right now as THE major Super Power. Several books, sermons and articles have attempted to tackle this subject, but there seems to be little agreement about a possible answer.

And yet, the answer to this important question is coming into clear view. The problem, however, is that few would believe it because the answer is so shocking. You see America, as we have come to know it, is slowly disappearing before our eyes. America is no longer America in the way it used to be for much of our history. The Nation has slowly been losing its Constitution, borders, Judeo-Christian faith, military power, financial strength, amazing economy, moral standards and overall way of life.
These changes have been slow and incremental for a generation now, but recently this fading of the Nation's unique identity and character has been accelerating. America is being swallowed up and lost in a sea of globalism, multiculturalism, progressive media manipulation, politically correct institutions, schools, universities and even churches. The history, freedoms and greatness of the Nation are being systematically replaced with authoritarian government, lawlessness, entitlement, exploding debt, creeping socialism and burgeoning narcissism. America is rapidly becoming just one part of an emerging world system that reflects a new, rising globalism in the West...a new Tower of Babel. As this process continues to accelerate before our eyes, America is starting to become unrecognizable to many, both here and abroad. Many of our strongest allies around the world are beginning to wonder what is happening to our Nation. America's greatness is slowly, but surely disappearing from view.

Many Americans have been shocked at how quickly all of this has been happening. In recent polls, a large majority of Americans indicate that they feel the Nation is going in the wrong direction. There seems to be a nagging sense that things just don't seem right anymore. The electoral process, the heart of our democratic republic, through recent elections, has failed to make the changes necessary to reverse this negative trend. It was and is this burgeoning frustration that has driven many Americans toward political extremes to find an answer. As a result, it would have been inconceivable that candidates for President like maverick business man Donald Trump and socialist Senator Bernie Sanders would have been even considered a possibility just a few years ago. But now, not only are they running for President, but recent polls and primary elections indicate that one of them may even be elected.

This journey to the disappearance of America has recently moved into high gear with the election of Senator Barack Obama to the office of President back in 2008. Before his election, then candidate Obama told the Nation on October 30, 2008,

"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

No one really knew what that statement meant back in 2008. Now if something is going to be "fundamentally transformed," you have to assume that it was "fundamentally flawed" before and needed to be completely changed. In other words, the old America had to disappear so a "new and improved" America could emerge. What most Americans didn't see coming then or now is that the America most of us have known and loved in the past was going to come to an end. The uniqueness of the Nation had to disappear with this transformation. The new future of America is becoming increasingly connected to the rest of the nations, particularly Europe and others who embraced some form of socialism. So after seven years of President Obama's leadership, his statement about "fundamentally transforming" America is finally starting to be understood.

So the reason then that America is not found in the Bible is because America does not exist there as a unique Nation. As we near the close of the age, America has begun to merge with other nations. This is very similar to what happened to England. England still exists, but its' identity is largely considered as it is connected to the European Union. England's once great empire that stetched around the world is no more. England's uniqueness and exceptional qualities in the past have slowly faded away to create a new identity with others. The days when people said, "The sun never sets on the British Empire" are not even thought of anymore. England is no longer England. The land that brought the world the Magna Carta, the industrial revolution, the King James Bible, an amazing economy and culture, is now home of a confusing multiculturalism and sharia law.

All of the above discussion can be connected to the Bible and the Lord's purposes in redemptive history. If you study the Book of Daniel, the prophet interprets King Nebuchadnezzar's dream that outlines world history from Daniel's day to the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in Daniel 2. Daniel gives very detailed information about the last of these world kingdoms in Daniel 2:40-45. Bible scholars are largely in agreement that this 4th or last kingdom is the Roman Empire. According to these verses, the Roman Empire never really ends; it just changes composition over time. In other words, the Roman Empire that existed at the time of Pontius Pilate and our Lord's death, burial and resurrection has never really ended. The Roman Empire simply continued on and is alive today in a modern or resurrected form.

Most of us reading this article have relatives that came from Europe, and the country's founders all had European roots. America then is just an extension of the old European world, that was territorially, politically and economically the old Roman Empire. How amazing then that our Nation is heading back to Europe in this hour. How else do we explain socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, President Obama and many of our progressive leaders today? Most of their ideas and goals are NOT based on America's Constitution and history, but modern European socialism. The old Roman Empire has reunited before our eyes and is moving toward a similar future as one kingdom, just as the Bible predicted 2500 years ago. Amazing!!!

The wonderful news in all of this is that as America's past glories and unique place in the world slowly fade, another great Kingdom is coming soon. That Kingdom is the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord's Kingdom will never fade and will never lose its glory. It is the Kingdom we have all been praying for every week when we say, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" (Matthew 6:10). Even so come Lord Jesus.