Somebody Has to Pay! Delusions of a Socialistic World

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

feelthebernLately, it's been a little hard watching what is going on. It's been hard to watch our Nation being seduced by socialism in one form or another from politicians of both parties. It has been hard watching our young people being deceived with silly campaign speeches that imply stealing from a few billionaires will "save the world" and makes their lives better. It has been hard watching a majority of our tenured professors in academia relentlessly attacking this Country's foundations and our economic system that created their colleges and universities. It has been hard to watch people thinking they can create Heaven on Earth without God. So living in America these days has increasingly been hard with so many delusions and illusions that seem to define "reality" for increasing numbers of people.

Now if the Bible didn't tell us what is happening and where all of this is going, it might be a time to be discouraged. And yet, the Bible would say that when it looks like things are falling apart, it is actually a prophetic sign that everything is actually falling into place to fulfill the Lord's wonderful plan. You see these delusions and illusions about reality are exactly what the Bible said would happen just before the Antichrist arrives on the scene (II Thessalonians 2:9-12). The world is quickly moving toward establishing his kingdom, not the Kingdom the Lord Jesus Christ came to establish with His Atoning Death on the Cross for sin and Empty Tomb of new life. As the world gets closer and closer to this "socialistic paradise," it should cause all of us to stop and reflect on WHY all of this thinking is so misguided and ultimately delusional. Those discussion seems rare today. Instead, all we seem to be left with is sounds bites from the media and a bunch of "touchy feely" discussions that have little interest in the Lord and His truth about our lives.
The foundational belief that is being destroyed in this hour is the idea that people have to pay for anything. That belief is being replaced with the thought that everyone is entitled to do and have something they want without cost. People used to realize that nothing we did or received was "free." Nobel Prize winning economist, Dr. Milton Friedman certainly believed that "There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch"' and published a book with that title in 1975. Nothing is free in this life or the next. Someone has to pay! The idea that everything has value and cost to it, that someone has to pay for, is worked into the way the world was created and functions. If people want to eat or drink, it has to come from somewhere or someone for a price. If a person causes a car accident, they have to pay. Our entire world is based on this concept and we have an entire legal system of lawyers in every nation on Earth that will sue you to prove that thesis correct IF you violate it.

Now this idea that someone has to pay for everything was wired into the world's DNA to teach us about sin and redemption. It was the Lord's way to hold us accountable and show us His love through the Gospel. Hence, everything in the natural or physical realm is ultimately teaching about the Lord and the spiritual world this life reflects. As a result, if people are NOT held accountable to pay for things in this world, God's love and His Gospel will never be seen or understood. After all, if we are never held accountable for our behavior and its cost, there is no sin needing payment. If there is no sin that needs to be paid for, there is no need for a Savior and Jesus died for nothing.

While some Americans are putting "Feel the Bern" signs in their yards and bumper stickers on their cars, most of them live a very different personal life from their political beliefs. If someone dents their car, steals their children's lunch money, damages their house or hits them in the face they will immediately want some justice. They might call the police. They may hire a lawyer. They will feel a need to have the issue dealt with in some way to restore the moral order of the universe. After all, someone has to pay!!! And even though they will look for someone to pay them back and settle the moral universe's claims on their behalf, few of them seem to care about taking other's money. These individuals seem to be unaware that they end up stealing other's property, lunch money or cars for themselves, through the government's tax code in the name of "justice."

Ultimately the one concept that budding socialists in this Country are missing is the theology of grace. Without grace, nothing exists. Grace is not an entitlement; it is a gift. The Lord created and redeemed the world by grace alone. Sadly, the one Christian hymn you most likely will NOT hear at a Bernie Sanders rally is "Amazing Grace." You see without the Lord and His grace, everything falls apart, it collapses. That loss of amazing grace created post Christian Europe where socialism has driven Christianity out and replaced it with the entitlement state and its declining moral values and crippling taxes.

All of this discussion, of course, is not about politics, but about the Lord Jesus Christ and His grace on the Cross. Our Lord paid for our sin, paid for our debts, paid for our lunches that were stolen, the houses we damaged, the debts we have incurred, and the people we have hurt. The Gospel message is not just about the Lord's forgiveness of sin. The Gospel also deals with the payment for sin. The Lord pays for our sins Himself. Without that payment, forgiveness would be empty. In the end, someone has to pay! That is just the way the world was made and will be forever.

May the Lord use this message to bring His Gospel and love to an undeserving and lost world. Pass it on!