Have You Heard About the Coming New Administration?

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

InaugurationWith so much attention focused on the next President and the coming new administration in January 2017, it might be a good time to look at what is going to happen in the future. A thousand years from tonight there won't be any more partisan politics. The media and self-seeking politicians won't have any power or influence. Christians tend to get lost in politics and fail to see the key lessons that politics teach us about the Lord Jesus Christ and His Coming Kingdom. Perhaps this Biblical perspective can help us weather the coming election results and new administration and give us real hope for the future. If the Christian Church talked more about the coming new Administration, we might have fewer problems with the current ones.

Every four years we Americans choose a new President. When the election is over and the dust settles, each President-elect begins to put together their transition team to help facilitate their new administration. Most Americans don't realize what a BIG transition it involves. That is true because the new President will need to fill and appoint hundreds of people to key positions in their administration. These positions cover everything from their cabinet to scores of other positions related to running the Executive Branch from the White House staff to nominating Supreme Court judges and ambassadorships for the whole world. It is truly amazing the amount of work required, along with the need for great wisdom and judgment to pick the right people for the right job. It is the ultimate personnel assignment ever given to any person on earth.
Of course, the great question to ask is how do Presidents usually end up picking their leadership team? Do the smartest people get the jobs? Do the most honest people get the jobs? Do the hardest working people get the jobs? There might be a hundred different criteria for getting these jobs, but it usually comes down to a few basic principles. The people who get the jobs know the President at some level or have served with them. In other words, it all ends up coming down to the old adage, "It's not what you know, but who you know." So in the end, it is relationships that become the deciding factor in most cases for any new administration.

What is absolutely shocking is that this well-known pattern for setting up a new administration in Washington is also the template for how the Lord Jesus Christ will set up His Coming Kingdom on earth in the near future. Our Lord will use His relationships with us and how we have served Him during our earthly journey as the basis of His Coming Kingdom and Divine Administration. Few may see this coming, but since it is almost here, we should be getting ready. Surely the Lord of Creation is not going to leave this planet in the hands of a bunch of fallen human beings. The Lord of Glory has much bigger plans for this world than any human being could ever imagine that makes politics look trivial.

Sadly, if you look around, you will see almost no one talking about this coming Administration. People get lost in partisan politics or bad theology. For most people the only plans the Lord seems to have for us is that when we die we go off to sing in some angelic choir in heaven. The idea that the Lord has used politics as a template for His Coming Kingdom, and that His Kingdom will be established on this earth is just too fantastic for most people to believe. Many Christians have forgotten that the Lord doesn't believe in the "separation of Church and State" the way some do today. This world belongs to our Father in heaven and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. No one else has the right or the power to ultimately rule this world the way it was designed to be run, other than our Lord Himself. That is why we pray in Church, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven" (Matthew 6:10). The Lord's Church has been praying for this new Administration to come for nearly 2000 years, and most of us never thought that it would ever come, and certainly not in our lifetime.

Now in the Old Testament the Lord taught about this future, coming Administration through the reign of King Solomon in I Kings and II Chronicles. Solomon's reign represented a wonderful glimpse of the Lord's future Kingdom on earth. Solomon brought the land promised to Abraham in Genesis 15 to peace and rest. Solomon shared his wisdom and blessing with the nations around them and developed a large administration of leaders and servants to help him run things. The Bible talks over and over about the vastness, wealth, blessing, glory and greatness of this kingdom in many places like I Kings 10:6-9. When you read about the majesty of this kingdom it makes you long for such a Kingdom to come in our day.

When the Lord Jesus Christ came to take the Davidic Throne given to Solomon, the physical expression of that kingdom was long gone. Israel's glory and that of Solomon had long passed away and Israel was run by the Roman Empire and Pontius Pilate. Some had hoped that Solomon's kingdom would be restored. Some even tried to make it happen by force, such as the Zealots, but most had given up on it altogether. Only Jesus believed and knew that such a Kingdom would come and He would be the Head of it all, a Greater Solomon who would bring everlasting peace and rest to the world (Matthew 12:42).

As a matter of fact, this subject of the Kingdom was THE central teaching in the Lord Jesus' public ministry. It was so central to what our Lord was teaching and proclaiming that a nice Jewish mother, of James and John, wanted her sons to be leaders in it, causing a battle among the disciples about who was most important in that Kingdom. Our Lord reminds everyone that this Kingdom would come and ultimately be run by those He knew and who had been His greatest servants on earth (Matthew 20: 20-27).

Right now, it is hard to know how many people running for office in this year's election will be serving with the Lord Jesus one day in His New Administration here on earth. Surely there is a remnant of Godly people in public office. However, the clear majority of people are most likely more concerned about their power, money, influence and ego. Our nation seems to be crumbling before our eyes because of people who want to be served rather than serve, as our Lord reminds us. The Bible tells us that the "meek will inherit the earth" and one day will serve with Jesus in His Everlasting Kingdom (Matthew 5:5). Thus, it is a sobering thing to realize that many of the names we hear about today in this election will have no future share of our Lord's coming Kingdom and new Administration.

The above thought leads us to look at ourselves, not just our politicians. None of us can throw stones at others in the end. It doesn't accomplish much and may make us hypocritical. The real question of the hour leads back to us. Have we accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and King? Do we know Him? Have we committed our lives to serving Him and others? These are the real and lasting questions of this year's political drama. May we all run to our King and continue to pray for His New Administration and Kingdom to come in our lifetime.