The World Needs an Israeli Superhero

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Wonder WomanIf you want to be a part of the "cutting edge" of the Bible prophecy, just go out and see the new movie "Wonder Woman." The movie is fun to watch and you will be glad you went. It is a typical superhero movie featuring a Wonder Woman, a female version of Superman, who is out to destroy evil and save the world. What is interesting about this summer blockbuster is some of the controversy it has generated around the world. You see, "Wonder Woman" features an Israeli actress, Gal Gadot in the lead role. That fact has led to the movie being boycotted in several Islamic nations such as Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon. It seems the hatred of Israel knows no limits and has even extended now to an entertaining movie actress. The boycott of "Wonder Woman," for having an Israeli in the cast, is part of a larger narrative related to the "BDS Movement" that is designed to boycott, divest and sanction anything Israeli. Sadly, this movement has even found fertile ground in the USA, liberal "churches" and on the campuses of several colleges and universities.

What few have seemed to notice is that an Israeli in the lead role of a superhero is not a new theme. And while most may miss the irony of this recent movie, the Lord Jesus Christ is also an Israeli and the ONLY Superhero that ever existed. All superheroes are just "Jesus Hero Wannabees" because there isn't a hero anywhere that has done anything for anyone that is not a reflection of our Lord and His great love for this world.
Now the very fact that people are looking for a superhero tells you a lot about the condition of the world and how powerless people feel today in the face of growing evil. If you go back and watch the rise of the superhero, all of them started during the 20th century. No one talked about superheroes during the Civil War. No, the rise of superheroes like Superman (1938), Captain American (1941) and many others we are watching in movie theatres today or reading about in comic books, came out of a two World Wars, Nazism, Communism and Fascism. Until the 20th century, people had not seen the real face of evil on a global scale. And without the recent rise of the media in the 20th century through radio and television, people didn't even know it existed. However, once this evil started to grow and get a public face, comic book characters and superheroes were invented to stop it. People wanted a hero to help them face these terrible crimes and bring some sort of global justice.

The current explosion of popularity with superhero movies like "Wonder Woman," and many others, is the public telling us they need help filling our desire for justice and moral clarity. People are tired of the political correctness generated by the media regarding the evils of Islamic fundamentalism and the other groups ravaging the world. People are less and less free to speak about religious or moral truth, as it seems to be a crime to even bring a Bible to school and read it publicly. This was evidenced recently by a football coach, Joe Kennedy from Seattle, Washington who was fired by the school board for silently praying after a game. So, when you can't pray, read a Bible at school or speak out about the Lord, evil just takes over as we are watching. People want a superhero to remind them there is justice in this world and there is a power somewhere that can help us when we can't seem to talk about God as a society.

Now the amazing thing we should rejoice in today is that all of this comes at a time when Israel has come back into the world after almost 2000 years of being dispersed. The lead actress of "Wonder Woman," Gal Gadot was born in Israel in 1985. Her maternal grandparents are Holocaust survivors. Gal Gadot has entered the Lord's Biblical narrative of fulfilling His promises to His people as He prepares to send back the Real Superhero, Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord is returning to a world that has rejected the true God and replaced Him with evil, false gods and political correctness.

As you look closer at the storyline of "Wonder Woman," it sounds like a narrative from the Bible. Wonder Woman leaves her life in paradise and enters into a battle with human sin during World War I. She risks her life and safety to battle the forces of evil to bring peace to the world. In the climactic scene of the movie, she enters into a tremendous battle with the mythological god of war, Aries that results in the power of evil being destroyed forever. These themes parallel our Lord Jesus and His journey of redemption from leaving Heaven to fighting for us against of the powers of Satan and his influence on this world. Unlike Wonder Woman, our Lord was not spared, but died on the Cross for our sin, leading to His Resurrection that gave us a guarantee of victory over sin, death, Hell and evil itself.

Somehow in these Last Days, all of us need to start talking about the Real Superhero of life. We are watching too many movies and understand too little of the Bible and the Lord's love for the world. American culture is NOT connecting the Lord Jesus Christ to their favorite superhero movie, especially our youth. Most young people are clueless about the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, or Superhero, if you will. Satan has blinded the minds of our culture into thinking that our Lord is just some "religious figure" stuck in a dead tradition called the Church that is boring and out of touch with their lives. The truth of the matter is that the Lord Jesus Christ's movie, called the Bible, is 1000 times more exciting and amazing to behold than a 2-hour movie in a theatre.

So, go out and see "Wonder Woman" if you can. Have some fun as we prepare for the Lord's return and the BEST finish of any movie yet. Spend some movie-money to support the Israeli actress in "Wonder Woman" and help make her famous and be a part of the promise of the Lord to Abraham 4000 years ago to "bless those that bless Israel" (Genesis 12:3).

Here's to all the Superheroes and the Lord Jesus Christ of whom they all point to in the end. And they lived happily ever after.