Can Anyone Find 100% Certainty in a 63% World?

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Authority ParchmentAccording to a just published religious poll from the Pew Research Center, people in the USA are becoming “less religious”….whatever that means. The article stated the number of people that are absolutely certain God exists fell to only 63%. This same article went on to say that only about 50% of kids born from 1990 to 1996 are absolutely sure that God even exists. That statistic is as shocking as it is sad.

While I am not a big person on polls, few people would disagree that the Christian Faith is being challenged in America. Our Faith has been attacked on every possible level from colleges, universities, public schools, media and politicians of every stripe. As a matter of fact, I am not aware of one area of our society that is NOT trying to move the Lord from being at the center of our lives to something more “manageable.” Sadly, that is even happening in the Church world, where Christians are tending to not be so dogmatic anymore about the Faith in a culture of “tolerance” and “dialogue.”
And yet, if we are not absolutely sure God exists, are we 100% sure we exist? Is there any certainty in life other than death and taxes? What happens to a nation or a person that lives with a 63% confidence in the Lord and His faithfulness? This spiritual and moral vacuum created by a lack of confidence in the Lord is clearly having a devastating effect on our country. You see it everywhere. If an individual or a society is not sure about the Lord’s existence, that vacuum is going to be filled with something. Currently, America is filling that empty hole with drugs, sexual chaos, socialism, media, entertainment, materialism on credit cards, false religion…the list is long. After all, it is pretty hard to replace Almighty God…..that is a BIG HOLE to try and fill.

Now there are many reasons why all of this is happening now. Of course it is happening because the Bible said it would happen just before the Lord Jesus’ return. So we can’t be totally surprised. However, it is very clear that a main reason for this crisis of certainty about the Lord is the fact that the Church, as a whole, has lost its certainty. The Church can’t give what it doesn’t have itself. Many of the pulpits in America have become very confused about the Lord and His Word. Passion and dogmatism about any Christian belief is softened and replaced with an accepting “love.” That is the new “gospel” for many. When that happens, it is easy to end up sharing little more than dead traditions and a culturally sensitive mix of spiritual relativism. Not exactly the formula for building confidence in anyone at any age about the Lord.

It might surprise people to learn that this current challenge to the Church was pretty much the way things were when the Lord Jesus Christ began His public ministry. People were not absolutely certain about much back then either. There were many religious teachers around then with different ideas and opinions. When the Lord Jesus arrived and began speaking, no one had ever heard anything like it. The Bible explained it like this, “The people were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law” (Mark 1:22). The Lord Jesus was 100% certain of the truth about Himself and life. Our Lord wants us to have that same confidence.

The desperate cry of this hour for the Church is to have a renewed confidence about the Lord Jesus Christ, His Gospel and Word. All of us, from pastors to pews, need to recover our absolute confidence in the Lord and His purposes for our lives. We need to be willing to share that confidence with others. It is THE answer for us today.

As I look at our world today, I see a hundred Bible prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes that establish the truth of the Lord and His Word in astonishing ways. Many Christians are NOT hearing any of this. The Church needs to take a fresh look at the Word and fall in love with the Lord all over again…..or perhaps for the first time. We need to reclaim the authority of the Bible as 100% true and move away from any voice, even in the Church, that challenges our confidence in the greatness and majesty of the Lord. I want to live my life with 100% certainty of my Lord and His love for me. None of us should be satisfied with anything less. How about you?