Post Christian America and the Great Apostasy

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Apostasy-2While much of the Nation seems to be preoccupied with the "mud wrestling" going on today with the race for President, the story of greatest importance is being overlooked. Our current political chaos is only a symptom of a much deeper cause. The story everyone should be concerned with right now is the rapid secularization of the Nation and departure from the historic Christian Faith that helped to create it. This is the hidden story behind ever other story. It is THE story being suppressed by the media and largely ignored by many pastors and churches.

According to a growing number of studies, statistics and expert analysis, America is rapidly becoming a post Christian Nation. Leading Christian pollster George Barna, at, recently reported that the number of people labelled "post Christian" has risen from 37% in 2013 to 44% in 2015. That is an increase of almost 20% in just two years. To be labelled as a "post Christian," according to Barna, you have to be almost antagonistic to the Lord and the Christian Faith. These growing and alarming statistics are telling us that America is undergoing a radical spiritual transformation before our eyes that needs to be understood as we face the future.
Now the problem with the above statistics is that other polls by the Barna Organization show 78% of Americans describing themselves as "Christians". As a result, on the one hand the vast majority of the Nation believes themselves to be Christians on some level, yet at the same time a rapidly growing number of these same people say they aren't really drawn to Christian beliefs and practice. How do you explain this huge disparity? How do we understand the total spiritual disconnect going on all around us between faith and practice? People are professing a faith that for all intents and purposes means very little to them. This lack of a serious Christian faith by many in the Nation is playing itself out in our schools, families, churches and current political process.

The most important thing that could be said in this hour is that the profound spiritual changes going on in America are clearly prophetic in nature and deal with the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hence the dramatic secularization of America is a sign of much, much bigger things to come. We are witnessing an historic turning away from the Lord and a movement toward secular, progressive government that is increasingly antagonistic to Christians. We are in the midst of what the Bible calls "The Great Apostasy," a time of unprecedented spiritual and moral departure from the Faith just before the Lord's return. The Lord is allowing this growing apostasy to serve as a wake up call for those in the Church that will listen. May we all be in that group by His grace.

Now if you open your Bible, the exact scenario unfolding before us is clearly discussed in II Thessalonians 2:1-4. And yet, the tragedy of the hour is that few Christians have ever even heard this passage mentioned or discussed in their churches. America's pulpits are largely silent as the Nation continues its' descent into spiritual chaos and darkness. For a variety of reasons, the professing Church world (the 78%) has remained silent on such things. For some pastors and Church leaders such things are on the fringe, too controversial and border on fanaticism. And yet at the same time, many of these same leaders remain absolutely silent and appear unwilling to speak out and publically discuss the Biblical definition of marriage. Surely if leaders won't speak out on the meaning of marriage, we can't be surprised when they are saying nothing about the Lord's return or make any spiritual pronouncements about what is happening to America today.

In II Thessalonians 2:1-4, the Apostle Paul tells the Church that the Lord's coming for them would take place BEFORE the Day of the Lord arrived.  However, before that Day finally arrived,  "The Great Apostasy" would start to unfold. So the key sign the Apostle tells them to watch for was the apostasy in the professing Church. The Apostle uses the Greek word "apostasia" ( our word "apostasy") to describe this "Great Apostasy". This period of apostasy is also called a "falling away" (King James Version) or a "rebellion" (New International Version). This dramatic period of apostasy would also point to the arrival of the "man of lawlessness," another name for the Antichrist. In other words, just before the Day of the Lord, when the Antichrist's government started taking control of things in the world, there would be an unprecedented period of "falling away," "rebellion" and "apostasy" from the Christian Faith going on all around us. Those days are here! 

While some of this discussion may be hard and confusing to many Christians, you can see it coming our way. There is NOT one, single, evangelical Christian leader who believes America's Christian influence is growing..... just the opposite. Our Nation is literally watching "The Decline and Fall of Christian America" before our eyes. That exact title, by the way, was a Newsweek magazine cover article back on April 6, 2009.  America's movement away from the Faith has been seen by many commentators, both in and out of the Church, for a long time. Today, we are watching the Christian Faith being driven out of America by secular and progressive political forces that are intent on replacing the Lord Jesus Christ and HIs Church with a world of moral relativism, multiculturalism and political correctness.

Now if the Lord Jesus Christ is pushed out of America, Europe and much of the world, what is left? Amidst the confusing issues of these days is the simple story of the choice we all must make in this hour. We stand at an everlasting crossroads today in America. We all must choose between Christ or Antichrist, Life or Death, Heaven or Hell. That was the same choice the Lord gave to Israel after they left Egypt in Deuteronomy 30:19-20. It is the SAME choice we have before us today. The Lord never changes and neither do our choices. May we all choose Christ and live. May we all help others to find the Way, the Truth and the Life in our Lord Jesus as we look to His soon return for His people.