Returning to Chaos

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

If there is one word I would use to describe the world’s conditions today it would be chaos. None of us can even begin to stay up with the moral and spiritual chaos and confusion unfolding around us. Many of us are numb to the news, the constant battles, political fighting, terrorism, violence and lack of meaning out there. And worst of all is the fact few have any answers on what to do about it.  We hear 100 opinions every day from politicians, the media, scientists, professors, and other supposed experts, but almost no one can ever agree on anything. All of this leads to some important questions: Is life supposed to be this way? Are there any answers out there? Is there any hope for our children? What are we supposed to do? Is life just a bunch of chaos ... and then we die?

Now the interesting thing about today’s world is that it is a replay of conditions before the world was even here. If you go back to Genesis 1:1-3, the world started out in chaos and darkness. Sound familiar? Everything was chaotic and nothing made much sense. Suddenly, the Spirit of God began to move and God spoke for the first time in history and said, “Let there be light.”  That one phrase changed everything. Not only did life begin, but God said it all was very good.  God was so happy with the order, beauty, and glory of the world that He rested because there was nothing more to do.

Without the Spirit of God and without God saying “Let there be light” our descent into chaos will continue and even accelerate ... if that is possible. Without the Lord, everyone is literally living in a darkened closet ... we are totally blind. We cannot see, understand, hear, make sense, or discern the simplest truth of life. Just imagine driving your car as fast as you can with the windshield painted black. That’s a good picture of where we are and where we are headed tonight.

Now if you go back to Genesis 1, the pattern of Creation is the foundation of our answer. First, the Spirit of God moved and then there was light.  Genesis 1 is the rehearsal for God saving the world from the chaos of sin we are living in now. It describes the future birth narrative of the Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 1 and 2. The Spirit of God first moved upon the Virgin Mary and then the Light of the World was born in Bethlehem to give us a new beginning of order, beauty, and glory for each day. Jesus is God’s answer to chaos. Jesus is the answer to making sense out of life and giving us hope to face each day. Jesus truly is the “Light of the world” as He told us Himself in John 8:12.

If there was ever a time to share the Light of the world with people it is now. People need to hear the Gospel.  People need to hear the Good News that there is a Savior from chaos. There is a Savior from darkness and sin. There is only one Savior and His Name is Jesus. There is no “Plan B” or other options out there. The Lord’s Church needs to unapologetically speak up and proclaim this to a lost world. We need to stop worrying if everyone will like us or whether our message considers everyone’s “feelings.” Jesus is Lord of all, the Light of the world, and the only answer to the chaos we are facing in this hour.