What is Truth? The Resurrection of Pontius Pilate

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Ecce homo by Antonio CiseriThe central problem facing all of us today is how you establish truth. If truth ultimately depends on the individual and our "feelings" or personal experiences of "faith," you can see we have a problem. That, of course, is what is going on today. Our society has made the self a "god," with each person deciding what is right or wrong in their own eyes like the days of Judges 21:25. Perhaps that is why many Christians are unwilling to engage the world with the fact that Jesus is the truth and Lord of all. The Church knows our message is not well received and people fear rejection. Now when the Church loses its' confidence in sharing the truth, Christianity just becomes another special interest group like playing football or quilting. It is almost as if Pontius Pilate had been resurrected and is putting every Christian on trial again with his infamous question to our Lord in John 18:38, "What is truth?"

The only way Christians will ever share truth with others is when they are overwhelmed with the truth themselves and can't help sharing it. That happened to the Apostle Peter on Pentecost in Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit overwhelmed him with the truth that Jesus was truth itself and Lord of all. Peter couldn't help but share that message with his audience and 3000 people came to faith that day, as they too were overwhelmed with the truth about our Lord.
For many Christians, their faith is not an overwhelming thing to them, so they don't do much of anything with it. Their faith is something more personal and private. That is what has happened too much of the Church in America. We are not being overwhelmed by the truth and so the Church tends to remain passive and quiet. And sadly for some Christians, they are not 100% sure they have the truth because people are not sure what truth is anymore, like Pontius Pilate. Some Christians say things like, "I am a Christian, but I respect others might have some truth too, so I don't want to be judgmental or intolerant of how others see things."

The ONLY way the Church is ever going to start being overwhelmed with the truth about our Lord is to see it more clearly and in new way. Of course that means connecting more with the Bible, but it also means opening our eyes and seeing the Lord all around us and in each and every moment of our lives. If Jesus is just some nice person to hear about in Church once a week, that is not going to accomplish much in the way of overwhelming people with the truth about Him.

You see the Lord Jesus Christ is God and created the world. Life is totally and only about Him. The moment we begin to discover that fact, life becomes an overwhelming experience of the truth about Him. The Sun rises and sets because Jesus died and rose again on the 3rd day. We live on the 3rd planet from the Sun, because we live on the Resurrection Planet. We go to bed every night and wake up every morning because again, Jesus died and rose. People eat three meals a day that contain something dead in them because our Triune God wants us to take Jesus' sacrifice for us into our lives, so that we might have life eternal. All our mothers suffer and bleed for us when we are born because Jesus did the same for His people on the Cross. Spring follows winter because Jesus' resurrection follows His death. People have 10 fingers and toes because the Lord gave us 10 Commandments on what to do with our hands and feet. Every race or ethnic group bleeds the same red blood because the blood of Christ is what makes us His one Body.  

Now if we were to go on with these truths about the Lord's world, there wouldn't be enough paper to contain all of the things the Lord has put into the world about Himself. Every subject at every university (Latin for one truth), is a truth about the Lord Jesus Christ. And yet, the vast majority of the world and even the Church have never even heard about or understood the few items listed in this article. The spiritual blindness to the truth about our Lord in front of us is simply staggering.

Without an overwhelming sense of the Lord's truth in our lives, we will be affected more by the world and the spirit of Pontius Pilate than the Lord Himself. We will never be sure about the truth that Jesus is Lord of all in a way that makes a difference in our lives or the lives of others. We will always be afraid to speak up and speak out. Without a confident and bold Church, the world will always set the agenda that truth is relative to each of us and Jesus is just another "god" in the Pantheon of culture.

Without unchanging truth, a society will eventually collapse under the weight of its own folly from crumbling morals, bankrupt economies and corrupted political discourse. All three of those areas are in active play right now in America and the world. Each of us must decide afresh if truth really exists and if Jesus Christ is really Lord of that truth. If Jesus Christ is truly Lord of all, none of us can remain the same. Pontius Pilate is dead and buried, but our Lord is alive forever more and coming soon to rule the Nations. Let's let His life and truth overwhelm us today and share it with others.