Lighting Up the World with Jesus

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Jesus Luke Banks 2Imagine for a moment, that you are in a boat in the middle of the ocean with one other person and that person says, "I can't see any water." You might think they were a little crazy, but that is exactly what is happening today regarding the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us John 1:10 that, "He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him." The world is surrounded by the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus, like the water of a vast ocean, and yet people can't see him anywhere. His name is rarely referenced today in very many places. Even the church world is strangely quiet about Him.Where did our Lord go?

Jesus told us that if He was lifted up the world would be drawn to Him (John 12:32). Of course that verse and prophecy was fulfilled when the Cross was lifted up. However, our Lord wasn't just talking about the physical lifting up of the Cross alone, but rather the lifting up of His Person and Life for the world to know experience and celebrate. Sadly, in today's world our Lord is a stranger to our society in everything from the family to political discourse. Many Christians rarely even talk about our Lord Jesus regularly apart from church related functions.
When we finally understand and meet the Jesus of the Bible, the Light of the World enters our lives and totally changes our view of the world. The moment the Holy Spirit lights up our lives and begins to show us that the world is about Jesus, everything is new. No longer are we people who live and die in a world we know little about. No longer are we left with uncertainty about the great questions of life. No longer are we puzzled endlessly about questions like "Where did we come from?", "Why are we here?" or "Where are we going?" All of life's questions have their source and answer in the Lord Jesus Christ. No longer is Jesus just the answer to life's great questions, Jesus is life itself.

In a world that is in love with technology, Jesus is the architect of the laws of physics and chemistry that create and facilitate all technology from wonder drugs to the internet. Our Lord created the atom and holds it together for his purposes according to Colossians 1:17. History is nothing more than "His Story" that outlines every event that has ever taken place to display His majesty and redemptive glory. Sexuality and marriage are nothing more than in introductory course on "Christ and the Church." World politics and the governing of the nations are just a picture of the coming Messianic Age and the rule of King Jesus over Israel and the world. Jesus is the entire legal system of justice and punishment through His wondrous Cross that clearly outlines and explains the meaning of sin, punishment and redemption.

If the truth be known, Jesus is the ONLY subject in the Universe. After all, the word "Universe" in Latin means "One Truth." Our Lord is the One Person who explains the truth of reality as we know it and has designed a glorious template for everything to fit in place and explain life's intricacies perfectly. Every newspaper article, book or article ever written has something to do with Him. You can't have a conversation with anyone about anything that is not about His eternal purposes in life.

The greatest problem with the increasing amount of politically correctness in our world is that there seems to be little room for Jesus in the news, public discourse or even our schools. Young people can go through 16 years of schooling, from kindergarten through a university degree, and not hear Jesus' name once. Teachers that try to mention His Name once can even lose their jobs. Politicians that mention our Lord's Name too much can't get elected. Soldiers that share their belief with other soldiers can be disciplined or discharged. Employees who display Jesus' Name in the work place can be fired. Jesus is truly the One Person that the world just doesn't want today.

All of this leads to a rather difficult place in assessing the spiritual condition of the modern Church world. If the world and everything in it is about Jesus, why do so few people know anything about Him, let alone know Him. Several studies have shown that upwards of 75% of the young people that grow up in the American Church leave their home churches Biblically illiterate about Jesus. These young people drift toward forming a worldview of life, sex, politics, economics, marriage and every other subject as though they had never heard the name of Jesus once.

Now the greatest joy that any soul can ever imagine is to know the Jesus of the Bible and know that this Lord loves you, died for your sins and wants to be with you forever. That personal knowledge is the highest calling for anyone to have and experience. This was the essence of what the Old Testament saints longed for in the New Covenant in Jeremiah 31:34. This is the foundation of the entire New Testament and what the Apostle Paul said was his greatest joy in Philippians 3:10. When you know Jesus and that all of life was made by Him and for Him, you have found the meaning and purpose of life.

We are all living in dramatic times today, if you haven't noticed. Our culture and media are trying hard to convince us that nothing in this article is really true or relevant to our lives. The world has crucified and buried Jesus again in our politically correct world. The Good News, however, is that Jesus keeps resurrecting when you least expect it. May that be so today and forever. May our Risen Lord takes His rightful place in our lives and in the world He created and redeemed for His everlasting honor and glory.