Why Are We Here?

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Questioning peopleOver the past couple of years, The Carlson Report has Biblically explored some of the great issues and questions of the day. However, the most basic issue in life is not about politics, prophecy, morality, new technology or something else in the news. The most basic issue of life is, "Why Are We Here?" All the rest of the issues and questions in our lives don't mean much if we can't answer that one.  It seems we often end up with TMI (Too Much Information), but too little meaning and purpose about our lives. People will try to solve and deal with every issue they face each day, but their ultimate purpose for even being here on planet earth is left unsolved. If you stop and think about it, this is THE great problem of the human condition and life itself....we don't know why we are here.

Now this most basic of questions is looked at by the world's religions and philosophers all the time. And yet, most people come to accept they aren't going to find the answer, or at least one that makes sense right now. As a matter of fact, most people believe that the answers about our purpose and reason for being alive must wait for some sort of afterlife before things start to finally make sense. So, for many, about all we can do is try to live a "good life" (whatever that means) and hope for the best in some future world. But if we're honest, how satisfying can that approach really be? Does it make much sense to wander around doing a bunch of stuff every day, but in the end, have no idea why we are here in the first place?
In theory, the Church should have the answers for us on this central question.  We should be hearing sermons and Bible studies about it. But as you look around, do you see many people with the answer to this great question? And while most people in the Christian world believe in God and that Jesus died on the Cross and rose again from the dead... many people don't connect those basics of the Faith to the deeper question of our purpose for being here. So people may go to church on Sunday, but who knows what they really think or believe about their life's purpose each day. Few are talking. The silence out there in the Church world about this question is deafening.

Let's take a moment and turn the tables on this question. How many of us think that the Lord doesn't want us to know why we are here? How many of us think that the Lord wants us to be left with no answers so we can sit around watching sitcoms, texting and taking a vacation now and then before we die? If we really stop and look at it, it seems overwhelmingly clear that the problem here is ours.... not the Lords. As a matter of fact, the Lord has wonderfully communicated our purpose in life in the Bible, leaving no doubts at all for those interested. It is so obvious that most miss it. We complicate it, confuse it, argue about it and resist it. Much of the world tries to ignore it or lie about it. We seem to do everything we can to find a way around it. With all of the ways we try to run from it, it is surprising that anyone finds it...but they do by God's grace.

All of us have been created to live, enjoy and celebrate a friendship and fellowship with the Lord Himself. That is our purpose for being on planet earth tonight and forever. There will never be a time in all of eternity when that will not be our purpose...to enjoy a rich, glorious relationship with the Lord. Such a friendship, fellowship and personal relationship with the Lord is the greatest gift that anyone can discover and experience in life.  This was the supreme joy of everyone in the Bible from Abraham to David and the Apostle Paul.  This is the great goal of the Bible and the New Covenant in Jeremiah 31, that everyone would know the Lord in this way.  All of life's purposes and activities are secondary to this intimate and personal relational knowledge of the Lord. You will note that our purpose and reason for being here is not to just believe in God or have some hope of a future afterlife. That is a counterfeit. Anyone can believe that God exists and there is a Heaven. Such a belief doesn't give us our purpose, joy or reason for living each day. So while much of the world may believe in God, that belief alone isn't transforming lives with joy and wonder with the amazing gift we have been given.

When the Lord Jesus Christ came into this world, He left no doubt with His public statements, miracles and Resurrection that He was God in human flesh. Our Lord never hid the fact that He was the Creator and Redeemer of the world in passages like John 8:56-58, where He tells us He is the "Great I AM." Our Lord's life and ministry was and is the confirmation of why we are here. Our Lord Himself is the picture of the glorious fellowship between God and Man. Our Lord Jesus' own Person is the perfect expression of God and Man enjoying fellowship with one another. Our Lord's Person is the answer to why we are here. All we need to do is look to the Lord Jesus and we have the answer we have all been looking for in life.

Now if we don't enjoy fellowship with the Lord each day, then we have missed our reason for being alive. And while life is full of many things to do each day, none of them mean a thing without the experience of that central purpose for our lives. The Lord wants us to know that we were created for nothing other than Him alone. As the great Christian thinker Augustine said, "Our hearts are restless Lord, until they find their rest in you." Our hearts have no other purpose in life and eternity than to be with the Lord and find true pleasure and enjoyment of Him forever.

If the simple thought shared above was to get ahold of the Church world there would be a revival. There wouldn't be a seat left in any sanctuary. Our sanctuaries are often empty because we have missed the simple truth that surrounds our purpose. We have often traded this simple and beautiful truth for a religious system that has left us empty and confused. We have missed the grace and glory of knowing the Lord and sharing intimate fellowship and communion with Him today and forever. Nothing else in this life can match or compare to that gift each day. We were created for nothing less!

The Church world just finished celebrating the Resurrection. It is so easy to forget that Jesus is alive right now...not just one Sunday a year. Our purpose right now is to be in fellowship with Him by the power of the Holy Spirit. That is the real Christian life. There isn't another purpose for it. The gift of His life with us is the center of our purpose for being here now and forever more. Enjoy!!!