Every Breath for Jesus

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Let Everything that Has BreathTREEOne of the greatest things we can do right now is to STOP, take a deep breath and look at the Lord Jesus Christ in a fresh way. He is everything that really matters today and forever. There is nothing else that is even a close second. As our world is seemingly spinning out of control, one must wonder how much of the Lord anyone is seeing. So often our Lord just seems to get lost amidst our busyness and religious lives. Now is an excellent time to draw near to our Lord's life and His purpose for our lives. The Lord wants us to enjoy Him and His gift of life by understanding and knowing Him on a deeper level. As we will see, every breath we take is a gift to praise, honor and worship our Lord. When the Lord gets our attention to that amazing truth we are changed forever. May that happen to each of us today.

If there is anything that defines our physical lives it is the fact that our heart is beating right now to bring breathe to our body. Without our heart beating and lungs breathing we would die in moments. Every day that simple process is repeated with our heart beating on about 115,200 beats, during which time we take in about 17,000-30,000 breathes. This miraculous process of life is taken for granted by most of us. And yet, this most basic process of life, that guides and sustains our physical lives, is the central witness to our spiritual purpose with the Lord. Let's examine that truth for a moment.
Every time we breathe, air moves in and out of our mouth making the sound "ha." Try it a few times. That most basic of sounds is the first syllable for the Hebrew word "hallelujah," which means "praise the Lord." The Hebrew word "hallelujah" is only one of two Hebrew words that have no translation in any other language in the world. The other Hebrew word that is not translated into any other language is "amen." So, if you know those two words, "hallelujah" and "amen" you are speaking Hebrew. If you go anywhere in the world from Nepal to South America, every know dialect will leave those Hebrew words alone, by not translating them to their native tongue. For some unexplained reason those two Hebrew words remain the same everywhere. This miraculous "coincidence" of linguistics fulfills a wonderful Scripture in the Bible. In Psalm 150:6, the Psalmist says,
Let everything that hath breathe praise the Lord [hallelujah].
This amazing verse from the Psalms is telling us that every nation in the world is using the same word for "praise the Lord," namely "hallelujah." If you have ever traveled overseas and heard Christians in other nations singing, you will notice this right away. You will hear them saying "hallelujah" because again, they don't translate it. As a result, Lord has gotten the entire world to speak Hebrew when it comes to praising Him every time we say "hallelujah."

However, there is even a GREATER miracle that people miss that involves every breathe we take. That is true because every "ha" that comes out of our mouth is the Lord putting a song into our lives of praise to Him. The first breath we took the day we were born was the reminder we were created to be people that worshipped our Lord. Our breath and life is a wonderful gift to us from the Lord that leads to joyous worship. People were designed by the Lord to be living instruments of praise. Each of was designed to be a walking and talking "hallelujah" to the Lord. As a result, every breath is for our Lord Jesus, every word from our lips is somehow about our Savior. This, of course, should not shock or surprise anyone because our Lord is the Word of God in human flesh. As John's Gospel begins in 1:1,
In the beginning was the Word and Word was with God and the Word was God.
All the words we speak are about our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord is the object and focus of every conversation that has ever been made, whether people understand that truth or not. We can't have a conversation that is not about Him because the world was make by Him for Him (Colossians 1:16). So, when we talk about food, family, friends, our daily lives, school, business or any other subject under Heaven it all inevitably leads back to Him. As a result, every breath we take can be turned into praise to our Lord, even if people are totally clueless about that reality.

Once we grasp that every breath we take is about the praise, worship and magnification of the Lord Jesus Christ, it will change us and our view of the world. Such revelation and truth tell us we were designed and created in God's Image (Genesis 1:26-28). As a result, our entire physical creation from our heart beating, to drawing in each breath, is connected to our ultimate purpose in life of being a living "hallelujah" to the Lord.

Sadly, we would have to agree that most of words spoken today in our world are NOT bringing glory and worship to the Lord. We have all sinned and fallen short of God's glory and our lives can often bring sadness and reproach to the Lord. But even in our sin the Lord's careful design was put into place to remind us why we say "hallelujah." You see, we could never have the precious gift of breath to our lives without our blood. Blood is the indispensable ingredient that allows oxygen to travel to every cell in our body to keep it alive and healthy. So then, real life comes down to the blood in the physical as well as the spiritual realm. It is the blood of Christ that ultimately cleanses us from all unrighteousness and sin (Hebrews 9:22). Our Lord's cleansing and forgiving blood brings grace and new spiritual life to all who have trusted Him. Once we have come to our Lord Jesus as Savior, our spiritual lungs fill with holy air and we can sing "hallelujah' for the 1st time as a citizen of Heaven. Our speech and voice begin to take on the quality of praise and worship was it was designed to do from the beginning.

If we are able to grasp the glory of this plan for every beat of our heart and every breath, we begin to see the Lord in new ways. This new way of seeing life and the Lord is called "revelation" and it is the Lord giving us the ability to see the world and our lives with new spiritual eyes, the eyes of Heaven. We come to know that we are a special creation of the Lord, designed with purpose and meaning for every moment of our lives. Such knowledge and understanding of the Lord and His ways is precious and it makes life sacred, rich and full with redemptive love. It makes each breath not only a gift in the physical realm, but it reminds us each moment that we can return a "hallelujah" to the Lord thousands of times each day.

It is my hope that such revelation about our daily lives and the purposes of the Lord for us will fill every heart with more and more love and praise for our Lord Jesus, His death for sin, Resurrection and the gift of true worship and praise forever. When we know the Lord like this, we can never be happy with some lukewarm form of cultural Christianity. No, such knowledge is truly wonderful to behold for every true believer. Such amazing truth changes us. So, here's to our next breath and the beating of our hearts for our Lord as we sing "hallelujah" and say "amen" to His glorious purposes.