The Foundation of the Gospel and our Faith

Written by Jeff Carlson on .


Heart-Monitor-With-Cross"Peter, however, got up and ran to the tomb. Bending over, he saw the strips of linen lying by themselves, and he went away, wondering to himself what had happened."
Luke 24:12

The Bible is very clear that Jesus rose from the dead. This is the foundation of the Gospel and our faith according to I Corinthians 15. Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!!! I wanted to take the time to discuss a few thoughts about the Resurrection that may stir your heart toward seeing the greatness of our Lord in this central event of our faith. I hope this brief discussion is a blessing to you and that it will stretch your mind a bit about the greatness of our Lord.

When the Apostle Peter looked into the tomb, he saw a pile of grave clothes. Luke's Gospel tells us that he went away from the tomb in a daze. What happened? The answer, of course, is that our Lord passed right through his burial garments and left them behind. Peter had never seen anything like it! Our Lord also passed directly through the solid rock wall of the tomb as well. How is this possible? How is it possible for matter to vanish and pass through other matter? These are some of the questions of Resurrection morning and today.

The amazing thing to me is that we have some answers now about how such things are even possible. These answers may not be exactly what happened, but they do point out that even science has some thoughts on the subject. This fact, in and of itself is amazing! Scientific thought and the laws of physics are never opposed to the Lord and His world. True science will always uphold what the Lord does in the world. The Lord created the principles of the universe on which science is based to enhance our faith, not detract from it. How sad it is when "intelligent people" seem to think Christianity is for "simple minded people."

When our Lord passed through His burial garments, His body had to turn to something else in that moment. A miracle of creation had to take place that turned flesh and blood into something new. The amazing thing about such a miracle is the fact that science today has begun to grasp how this is even possible. Scientists have discovered that matter can turn into energy and energy can turn to matter. This relationship is represented by the most famous scientific formula ever written, E=mc². This formula, discovered by Albert Einstein, tells us that it is possible for matter and energy to exchange with one another.

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As a matter of fact, the idea that matter can turn into energy is the foundation of the atomic age... and our worries about Iran. All of our nuclear power is based on the idea that matter such as plutonium or uranium can be turned into energy. When matter is turned into energy it just disappears, which would allow it to pass through things like burial clothes, rock tombs or walls. Energy is able to move and act differently when it comes to time and space as compared to matter alone. Have you ever made a cell phone call from inside a closed room? The energy of your call passes right through matter. Right? This fact is not a violation of the Laws of Nature; rather it is a confirmation of them.

You see the same thing taking place when the universe was created. The Bible tells us the universe was created out of nothing, or as is sometimes mentioned, "ex nihilo." When the Lord created the universe, the Lord simply had a powerful idea of what He wanted to do. The Lord's beginning intent or energy was turned into matter. The Lord used the laws of physics to create everything in the beginning. It is these same laws that were used when the Lord began to recreate the universe by raising the Lord Jesus from the dead. Our Lord's Resurrection was a new Genesis, a new beginning for the world.

The Apostle Peter never met Einstein nor ever studied physics. Peter only knew his Lord was risen, as he began to sort it out that first Easter morning. No scientist really understands E=mc². The only thing scientists "believe" is that the formula works to explain how the universe functions. No Christian really understands the Resurrection. The only thing Christians "believe" is that our Lord Jesus is risen. Science can't save us, but Jesus can. If all of our scientists started to believe in the Lord the way they believe in science there would be a revival. That is true for anything by the way!!!

The same Lord Who spoke the universe into existence with His powerful words, also raised our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. The Good News is that our Lord will raise us one day too. We may not understand the physics, but it will happen! The whole thing should take our breath away. May the power and majesty of the Resurrection and the Lord who loves us give us joy unspeakable this month and always.