The Glory of Male and Female

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

One of the most confusing stories I have seen in recent memory is the sex change of Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist, Bruce Jenner, from a man to a woman.  Bruce has now become Caitlyn. The face that once was the picture of masculinity on the Wheaties’s cereal box is now seen as a woman adorning the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. This shocking turn of events has the world buzzing with a host of stories and discussions that continues to create confusion about the whole of idea of what it means to be a “man” or a “woman.” 
This gender chaos has been building for the last 40-50 years, ever since the gay community started to redefine our sexual standards. Just a few years ago people were identified as “heterosexual” or “homosexual” and that was about it. Somehow we might have guessed that those two labels would prove a little too restrictive, so a third category emerged, “bisexual.” But even that third category puts people in a box. With the recent rise of transgenderism, as we see with Bruce Jenner, it appears to increasingly be wrong to label anyone “male” or “female” with any sexual preference.
To show you how far all of this sexual confusion has gone, someone recently told me about a popular event, officially sponsored by a nationally ranked Liberal Arts College here in Michigan. The event was called the “Crystal Ball.” The students were asked to come dressed as a member of the opposite sex. In other words, men dressed up as women and women dressed up as men to help them explore their gender identity and sexuality. You would have to wonder what the parents of these children had to think about such a bizarre event at a college costing $50,000 per year. And to think this college was started by Baptists. Sadly, we are rapidly learning that many of today’s Liberal Arts Colleges are really more about liberalism and political correctness than education.

The great tragedy of the current sexual confusion is the entire loss of a knowledge of the Lord having creating male and female to reflect His image. The Bible’s opening statement about Creation in Genesis 1:26-27 is the wonder that God’s image is seen in BOTH male and female together. In other words, when you have male and female together in marriage you see a picture of God. It takes a male and a female to reflect the Lord as Creator by their ability to procreate as a couple. When you eliminate the clear distinctions of male and female in a society you destroy God’s mark on the world. Human beings end up creating their own image on earth by removing God’s image. Somehow all of this new sexuality and craziness is sounding a lot like a lie started in the Garden by the devil that we could be god. Modern liberalism has deceived much of the world today by getting people to believe they have found something “liberating” about going beyond male and female, or about exploring formerly forbidden sexuality All they have really found is the devil.

No amount of political correctness or gender and sexual chaos can destroy the fact that Lord created us male and female with the power of creation and within the institution of marriage. That beautiful design, found in Creation, is wonderfully carried right over to redemption as well, with Christ redeeming the Church. The Lord Jesus Christ died for His Woman, His Bride, in order to forgive our sin and our attempts to be god. Amidst the growing sexual chaos all around us, the Lord makes sense of being a man or a woman.