The Alinsky Chronicles

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

rulesradChristian leaders are often told not discuss political themes because it will hurt the Gospel. Sure, some Christians have become politically active, but they only represent the minority of the Lord’s people. It seems clear to me that it is a mistake to try and label the Lord a “Republican” or a “Democrat.” However, the really big problem we are facing today is when Christian leaders refuse to say anything about spiritual battles that affect our lives each day, regardless of party affiliation.

One of the most under-reported stories in America today is the spiritual battles we face. No one can look at the chaos unfolding in the world today and eliminate the spiritual realm as an influence. Even the Gallup poll says that 70% of Americans believe in the devil. That means that the vast majority of people realize that our battle is not just with what we see. The Bible, of course, has said this from the beginning. The devil came to people as a serpent using lies and deception to destroy our lives. This unseen spiritual battle is the focus of why the Lord Jesus came and died on the Cross. Our Lord came to destroy the works of the devil according to I John 3:8.

Now imagine readying, studying and applying a book to your life that was dedicated to this same devil. Surely such a book would be full of schemes and plans to attack the Lord and His purposes through division, lies and deception... just as we see in the Bible. Imagine that such a book was read and admired by the President of the United States, along with another person currently running for that same office who is in the news every day. I think most people wouldn’t believe it. After all, how many books have you read in your life dedicated to the devil that influenced your life? My guess is that all of us would answer “none.”

The book I am referring to is entitled Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. Alinsky dedicates his book to "the first radical," the devil. The book is a manual about how to get and keep power. It is not a book about being “nice” or serving others. It is devoid of ethics and values. It is a scary book. This same book has been a major influence on President Obama and Hillary Clinton, by their own admission. Both of them have admired and been drawn to Alinsky and his ideas and methods. His influence on American politics and our daily lives has been profound to say the least.

Few Americans have ever been able to really understand President Obama, even after years in office. What motivates his thinking? What is he trying to accomplish? Where is he leading the country? Why is he acting the way his is acting? These and a hundred other questions have found few answers, even among his supporters. Clearly President Obama is unlike any President in American history.

Could it be that we are seeing before us the influence of a spiritual realm beyond this one? Is it possible that we are dealing with forces, powers, and principalities beyond our understanding? Now most people would think such talk is silly, conspiratorial, or just nutty. And yet, how do we explain the state of our Nation and the drama unfolding all around us? Most people say nothing... as the casualties grow each day.

C.S. Lewis is often quoted as saying, “The devil’s greatest accomplishment is to convince people he doesn’t exist.” Lewis was right!