The Islamic Spin Machine

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

ISIS 2If there is one item that seems to dominate the news today it is the rampage of the Islamic group called ISIS. The world has been shocked by the scale of their brutality, which seems to be unprecedented in recent memory. It seems that every night we see and hear stories of the rape, murder, and pillaging of thousands of people who do not hold to their Islamic view of life. As this brutality and chaos spreads in the Middle East, there are literally thousands of people from all around the world, including the USA, who want to join ISIS. The goal of this group, by their own admission, is the re- establishment of an Islamic Caliphate that will bring about the restoration of true Islam.

And yet, the really tragic part of this story is what the world is not doing about it. The world has largely been sitting back and watching this murder and mayhem unfold because of political correctness. You see, the real problem with ISIS is that much of the world, including the Obama Administration, does not accept this group as Islamic. As a matter of fact, President Obama refuses to allow anyone to call them Islamic. All of their murder and mayhem are just "boys behaving badly" and does not reflect the true spirit of Islam. Sadly, this absolute confusion about this issue has tied up the entire world with regards to making any response. Military experts have warned that without some decisive response this group will continue to pose the most serious terrorist threat to the world's peace and stability in history.

All of this brings up the central question that few seem to want to address today because of political correctness. Does ISIS reflect a true Islamic ideology or is there something else going on that we are totally missing? Answering this question is really easy to do if you if you are willing to look at the facts that are available to anyone. To understand ISIS and the real heart of Islam, all one has to do is look at Muhammed, the founding prophet of Islam, and what he believed and did in the historical record.

According to Wikipedia's article on Muhammed, "Economically uprooted with no available profession, the Muslim migrants turned to raiding Meccan caravans, initiating armed conflict with Mecca. Muhammad delivered Quranic verses permitting Muslims to fight the Meccans (see sura Al-Hajj, Quran 22:39–40). These attacks allowed the migrants to acquire wealth, power and prestige while working towards the ultimate goal of conquering Mecca." In other words, during Muhammed's own life, he sanctioned armed conflict and theft to accomplish his military goals of overthrowing and subjecting Mecca to his faith. Sounds like ISIS to me. How about you?

The idea today that "real" Islam is a peaceful religion that just wants to love and respect others is simply not true -- if history and the life of Muhammed are relevant. Surely there are many Muslims who believe that and live that way. For that we can be glad. However, to force the world to accept a politically correct spin on the true nature of Islam is a dangerous and delusional move that threatens the peace of the entire world and is leading us toward World War III.

May all of us wake up and see the truth about ISIS and the events of today. More importantly, may we all wake up, realize we need a Savior from our sin, and run to our wonderful Lord Jesus today. Run from ISIS or die. Run to Jesus and live.