Who Were the Real Nazis?

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Simon Wiesenthal 1982The word "Nazi" strikes fear and horror into the minds of almost everyone. Many people remember hearing about or seeing pictures and newsreels of the horrors of the death camps, torture and murder of millions at the hands of Hitler and his supporters in Germany. For the Jewish people in Israel and around the world today, the Nazis still evoke a visceral reaction as they reflect on the over 6,000,000 of their fellow Jews that were murdered during World War II. For Simon Wiesenthal, pictured here, the word "Nazi" was not an abstract concept. Mr. Wiesenthal was a survivor of the Holocaust himself. He was incarcerated in several camps during the war until his liberation from the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp on May 5, 1945 by the Allies. Following his release, Mr. Wiesenthal spent the rest of his life, until his death in 2005, searching out Nazi war criminals trying to escape their past, so they could be brought to justice. His tireless work and desire to educate the public about the horror of the Nazi era is commemorated in the Simon Wiesenthal Center located in Los Angeles.

And while most of the Nazis that lived during World War II are dead or nearing the end of their life, it is very important for the world to remember and understand the conditions that allowed the Nazi regime to take control of Germany and much of Europe during the 1930's and 1940's. History tends to repeat itself, so with Mr. Wiesenthal as a witness to the past, all of us should work together to educate the world so such a thing is never allowed to happen again. That desire is embodied in two words you will sometime hear quoted when looking back on the Holocaust and this tragic period, "Never Again!" May that be so in America today by God's grace.
Sadly, the subject of the Nazis has moved from a horrible World War II memory into our current political battles and is being directed against President Trump and his supporters. Several important media sources and personalities have begun to label and see the Trump presidency as an open door to fascism and the spirit of the Nazis. One might think that applying such a label to anyone would be "over the top," but apparently not in our current climate of media manipulation, lies and political destruction. In his recent book, "The Big Lie," New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D'Souza shares a sampling of the current attempts to portray President Trump as an emerging fascist or Nazi personality.
Andrew Sullivan warned in the New Republic that Trump has "destroyed the Republican Party and created what looks like a neofascist party in its place." Aaron Weinberg of the HuffPost diagnosed the "slow crawl of Hitler's fascism." Writing in Salon, historian Fedja Buric sought to strike a note of nuance, insisting, "Trump's not Hitler, he's Mussolini." MSNBC host Rachel Maddow revealed that "I've been reading a lot about what it was like when Hitler first became chancellor.... because I think that's possibly where we are." Legal scholar Juan Cole described the result of the election in this way: "How the US went fascist." Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns termed Trump "fascistic" and "Hitleresque."
The above is just a sampling of some of the 24/7 over-the-top accusations and rhetoric being launched against President Trump and anyone who supports him. Of course, the reason why the media and certain personalities have used the "Nazi Card" is because people believe it. In today's world of media distortion, all one has to do is say something for it to be believed by millions. Such inflammatory and untrue statements, falsely believed by enough people, can swing elections and change the course of history. After all, is there anyone out there that wants to vote for or support a "Nazi" to be our President? That is the power of the media today and it has taken control of our lives and the political narrative going on in our Nation in ways few seem to discern.

Now one of the things that is almost never done today in our political discourse is to stop and look at the FACTS about any charge, label or accusation that is made in public. With that in mind, do President Trump and/or his supporters share any similarities with Nazis or fascist oriented ideas and behavior? The answer to that question is being missed by many Americans today. If the truth about what is happening today were known to the public, the Nation would be forever changed tomorrow morning.

You see if you go back and look at Hitler and the Nazis you find some amazing hidden facts that are not being discussed today. The Nazi Party was known of as the NSDAP or National Socialist Deutsche (German) Workers Party or simply National Socialism. When Hitler took over the party and shaped it to his image, it became a party rooted in strong authoritarian government that was committed to socialism. At the heart of the party philosophy was Hitler's hatred of the Jews, who he considered manipulative capitalists that needed to be eliminated one way or another. When Hitler took over the party he began to use strong arm tactics through streets thugs called "Brownshirts" to eliminate free speech and any opposition at the grassroots. Hitler also closely worked with Joseph Goebbels, his propaganda architect, to gain control of the media and schools in Germany to aid in bringing about his vision for a "new" Germany and world.

Now if you apply Hitler's goals and the historical record to that of President Trump there is not a single similarity.... not one! President Trump is a fervent Capitalist, a self-made billionaire who is working hard to free up the Nation from burdensome taxes and government regulation. President Trump's daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism and is married to a Jew, Jared Kushner, a trusted advisor. President Trump declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel in December of 2017 and just moved our embassy there in May to honor the Jewish State. His relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the strongest ever. President Trump's nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, along with his other judicial appointments, has strongly reinforced the Constitution's commitment to free speech and religious liberty as outlined in the 1st Amendment.

Now as you contrast President Trump's record with those attacking him as being a "fascist' or "Nazi," it is simply incredible what emerges. For example, in our last Presidential election, Senator Bernie Sanders was an avowed socialist that advocated going after the "1% capitalists" in our Nation and taking their money via a policy of national socialism and redistribution. President Obama's relationship with Israel was the worst in the 70-year history of that relationship. In addition, several Congressmen and officials, that have attacked President Trump, refuse to denounce Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, the single most anti-Semitic religious leader in America. His hatred for Jews and Israel is breathtaking. Minister Farrakhan was given the "Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Lifetime Award" in 2007, being described as a man who "truly epitomized greatness." Dr. Wright, by the way, was President Obama's pastor for over 20 years before being elected President in 2008 and harbored that same antisemitism. It is also clear that progressive influences in our country have a huge control over much of our media and schools. These groups have worked tirelessly to push legislation that would control free speech and eliminate religious conscience under the guise of stopping "hate speech." During the last Presidential election, a variety of "thugs" appeared at numerous Trump rallies and on college campuses to stop public assembly and free speech. Scary tactics and violence has even emerged from some of these groups like Antifa.

Now if we stop for a moment and take a deep breath, we realize we are living in perilous times as the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:1. The false narrative being pushed in our society that President Trump is an emerging "fascist" or "Nazi" leader is simply not true if facts and history has any meaning. On the other hand, a very good case could be made that the President's worst and most vocal critics are displaying those very characteristics themselves. That is how deception works. You don't see it until it is too late. That is how Hitler took over Germany....one media lie was believed a day at a time, until the opposition was weakened and defeated. That is why our Lord Jesus warned His people prior to His return in Matthew 24:4 to watch out for deception. Deception and the loss of truth is always the first casualty in any battle.

Sadly, as long as there is sin in this fallen world, the spirit of the Nazis and fascists will be with us. Sin surely didn't end with World War II. These groups may change their party name or appearance, but deep down the issues that people fight about continue. The desire to control the world, gain power over others and oppose the Bible's purposes for the Jewish people and Israel will rage on until the Lord's return. If there was ever a time to run to the Lord Jesus Christ it is now. If there was ever a time to read God's Word so we can discern truth in a culture of deception and lies it is now. Let's rejoice that we have a Savior who saves. Let's share that Blessed Hope and truth with everyone we can today.