The Seduction of Socialism

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Ocasio-CortezAlmost everyone in America now knows the face of the new Congresswoman pictured here as that of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY 14th District). Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has identified herself with socialist parties in this nation, even though she ran as a democratic. There is not a single news cycle today where there isn't some story about her. She is young, attractive, articulate and often well dressed in expensive clothes. In a recent interview she was wearing designer clothes that cost an estimated $3500. Her shoes alone cost $600. She looks like the face of something new, fresh and wonderful. The public can't seem to get enough of her, or at least that is what we are told by the media. More than a few people see her zeal and energy to be part of the needed answers for the challenges we face in America. Some might even think of her as a "savior" that could help America find a new way forward in a day of political conflict, division and gridlock.

The problem, however, with Representative Ocasio-Cortez is that none of her ideas or policies make any sense. Not a single thing she believes has any basis in fact or reality. If you were to test her ideas against history, economics or anything Biblical she would come up empty. The ideas Representative Ocasio-Cortex espouses are simply silly when you come down to it. It is hard to understand how a single person would believe them. And yet, she has over 3 million Twitter followers that have exploded since her recent election to Congress, large press coverage and an increasing number of people that actually seem to believe her, especially our young.  That fact shouldn't entirely surprise us when you consider that over 40% of our millennials have socialistic sympathies. Something BIG is underway in our Nation as we are watching the shaping of our national character toward socialism. Do you feel it? What increasingly seems to be true is that growing numbers of people believe that no one who looks like her could tell such big lies to so many people with such a nice smile on her face.  Surely something she says must be true, right?
But the fascinating and scary thing going on right now is that the push back to her outlandish ideas is very limited within her party and by the media. The reason for that is simple. More than a few people in government and power actually believe her or want to use her for their agenda. Some people see her as a tool to shape public opinion and advance a softer form of socialism on an unsuspecting, naïve and uninformed public. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is being believed by people that seem to forget that America is currently bankrupt. Our nation has an unsustainable national debt of over 21 trillion dollars that is out of control. And yet, growing numbers of people are willing to add trillions of new debt based on the delusional promises of leaders like Representative Ocasio-Cortez and others.

All of this leads to an obvious conclusion that we are witnessing a rapidly growing seduction of America. Socialism has now become a "beautiful thing" to increasing numbers of people. The previous messenger of socialism was Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders had a much larger impact on our nation than anyone could have imagined and was a real threat to gain his party's nomination from frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election. But Bernie Sanders had a real problem, he was an older, white man with a bad image. A lot of folks didn't want "Grandpa Bernie." Enter Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez with the dream image of a young, attractive Hispanic woman. The seduction is fully under way.

But long before Representative Ocasio-Cortez was born 29 years ago, over 100 million people had been murdered by their own governments under Marxism, a form of socialism. All of the leaders involved in this evil, from Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro to a host of others all started the same way. They came to an unsuspecting public that felt life was unfair and that the rich had too much and they needed government's help. Sound familiar? They used the media to gain control over the public's thinking and then took control of the political agenda with their empty promises to bring social justice for everyone and make life "fair". However, Marxism and socialism have brought more suffering and pain to the world than any system of government ever evented by humans. If anyone doubts that fact just look at the current chaos in Venezuela, a once prosperous nation now racked with civil war, murder, violence and citizens selling their bodies to eat. And the one thing you rarely find in any Marxist or socialist regime is people wearing $600 shoes. What you find there is people with no shoes. The only people that seem to wear $600 shoes got them using the state's coercive power to take them from someone else.

Americans used to have a fear of Marxism, Communism and Socialism. At one time our political leadership knew that such ideas and beliefs would destroy the nation from within. America ended up fighting two very painful wars in Korea and Vietnam to stop the spread of it. It cost about 100,000 America lives and created needless suffering and the loss of countless resources in these desperate conflicts. But sadly, it appears our nation has learned few lessons from the past and this evil has now put on a new, designer outfit in Representative Ocasio-Cortez to a new generation. Evil has once again become fashionable, seductive and appealing as it did to the millions of doomed people in Russia, China, Cuba and now Venezuela. These victim's voices and warnings have been silenced by the grave. So, it appears that many have learned nothing from history, and the human condition could now be returning to some of the worst issues from our past sins.

Now all of these issues have their roots in the Bible and in the Garden of Eden. When sin and evil was presented to Eve, it looked great. Evil always looks good at first glance. It was "pleasing to the eye." The Bible tells us in Genesis 3:6-7,
When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.
The major lesson here is that ALL seduction comes from a visual image that packages things in a way that is "pleasing" to people, yet hides the true reality of the sin and death they contain. That is exactly what is happening in America today with socialism. Nothing in America has changed since the Garden. Our nation is being carefully seduced by evil from "beautiful voices" like the Congresswoman from New York and many others. Our nation, as we know it, may be just a few elections from coming to its end as founded. And if America can be seduced like this, as we are seeing now, it gives us a very sobering picture of where our world is heading and how it must lead to the fulfillment of the Bible's prophecies in the Book of Revelation.

For many Americans the idea that such things can and are happening now seems "unlikely". Maybe speaking out against socialism could be some new form of religious "intolerance" that might even be a danger to the public or "hate speech". But as fewer and fewer voices speak out in our society about such things the seduction grows. Sadly, the church's voice in this hour seems faint or has been silent all together. So where then are the moral and spiritual guardians of our nation in this hour one might ask? What is the real purpose of the Christian church? Do Christians have any responsibility to warn people that sin is real and just as deceptive as it was in the Garden? Like all lies that are put forth, socialism's lie won't be seen right away. It will take some time for the evil to be known, but surely that day will come. It took 930 years for Adam to die (Genesis 5:5) after he was seduced in the Garden with the lie that he wouldn't die. Few realize what these lies about socialism are doing to our lives and nation, but their bitter fruit will be known some day for sure.

The sad truth is that Representative Ocasio-Cortez is really looking for heaven on earth with her new world of socialism. The Lord has put the desire for heaven into every heart. However, without the Lord Jesus Christ at the center of that heaven, the only possible future for anyone is a place closer to hell. The lie in the Garden that humanity could be their own god, create their own paradise and live without the God of the Bible has caused more pain and suffering than anyone could imagine. And yet, that powerful lie is seducing America tonight and one day it will seduce the entire world under the Antichrist according to Revelation 13:4.

If there was ever a time to run to our Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel it is now. We need to speak out and let people know that we can't create heaven without the Lord of heaven. The Lord is more interested in bringing justice to the world than we are and that is why our Lord died on the cross. Real heaven and real justice are coming one day, but they cannot arrive through human solutions alone. Only our Lord's gospel can bring the new world we all want. Share this truth with as many as you can in this hour.