Tech Tyranny…and the Silencing of God

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Big TechIn what has to be the most overt attempt in American history to seize power and control over people's lives, America's tech companies have quickly moved to control public speech and the free flow of information and discourse with their seductive platforms. Literally overnight, technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and others are using their power and influence to literally take control of America. You might say we are currently experiencing some sort of "tech coup d'état". What is most shocking about this takeover is that these companies not only want to control free speech and information in America, but they are blocking anyone else that attempts to bypass their influence.

As a case in point, these tech companies recently conspired to prevent a rival social media company called Parler from gaining access to needed technology to keep their platform running. Parler's ability to connect with the public was destroyed overnight and will most likely take months to start again. And while all this behavior seems illegal and smacks of a monopoly or antitrust issue, in today's progressive and leftist legal environment, it is hard to believe that any of these issues will be adjudicated in the near future. That means that the average America is being controlled by just a few powerful tech companies that largely determine everything we see, think or hear in public. Gone are the days of healthy competition and choices in the marketplace that used to be the hallmark of our Nation that helped to keep us free as a people and reinforce the freedoms given by our Constitution. Those days are gone as our Lord's return nears!
Sadly, what people are starting to realize, a little too late and in shocking ways, is that whoever controls our exchange of information is really in control of our lives and our society. That is true because if you control the flow of information you control people's view of reality and their resulting behavior. If you can get people to think a certain way they will largely do exactly what you want them to do for good or bad. As an example of this issue in real life, imagine for a moment that some group of people didn't want you to know that a convicted arsonist had just escaped from prison and was threatening your neighborhood. However, this group wanted to defund the police, because they believe police are corrupt, so they somehow blocked the police from using social media to warn you and your neighbors to the possible risk to your family. Imagine that two houses in your neigborhood were burned to the ground by that same criminal, but no one knew anything was going on. Can you imagine how those homeowners would feel when they found out the truth was hidden from them on purpose? That simple example is exactly what is going on today in America regarding every issue we face, especially our political discourse and the critical need for free and fair elections to maintain the freedoms of our Constitutional Republic.

That fact was powerfully demonstrated through what just happened in our last national election this past November. Tragically, this election saw the results of a massive conspiracy among the tech companies to withhold key information from the voters about the candidates running for office and their policies. This fact is NOT speculative, nor does it have any political bias to it. This fact was publicly documented and admitted to in an important article from Time Magazine dated February 4, 2021 by Molly Ball entitled, "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election". In what has to be the most shocking public admission of an illegal conspiracy, collusion and election fraud by key leaders of our tech companies, the 2020 elections were totally corrupted and manipulate to achieve their desired ends. The people behind these political schemes could care less about American voters and the free flow of information necessary to maintain and uphold our democracy! All these individuals wanted was raw power to bring forth their agenda and they were willing to do anything to make that happen, however illegal. But what is most shocking by this landmark article in Time Magazine is that all the people involved in this activity saw nothing wrong with their behavior then or now.

But the most important reason to understand all these tech issues has nothing to do with politics or who our leaders will be in the future. The real issue at stake here is the deeper and darker attempt by these tech companies to silence God from speaking to us. Few people seem to see that going on right now, but that is the real issue underway. You see if you can control the flow of information, you can not only tell people who to vote for, you can also shape and control people's view of God. You might say you are helping people to create "god" in your image, an image that has nothing to do with the God of the Bible. And how many of us think that the tech moguls have a Biblical or correct view of God on any level? No, just the exact opposite is the actual truth. Our tech companies are blocking and censoring any view of God and the Bible that in any way conflicts with their view of reality and desire to be in control of this world. As an example, how many technology leaders care about Israel, traditional marriage and family, the Church or the preservation of life against abortion and infanticide? All these issues are foundational to life and are at the heart of what the Lord teaches in the Bible from the beginning of human history. And yet, each of these important positions are being systematically blocked, confused, manipulated and corrupted in a clear way to change reality for much of the world today, not just here in America.

Sadly, very few Americans can quote, reference or have any idea why the First Amendment of our Constitution was put into place. The First Amendment of the Constitution states the following,
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
The First Amendment was put FIRST in our Constitution because it was seen as the foundation of all our other freedoms given by God. The First Amendment was designed to keep our society free by blocking any attempt to control religion, speech and the right to protest things that were seen as wrong by the public. The entirety of the First Amendment was designed to stop the tech companies from doing exactly what they are doing to our Nation at this moment. It may be hard to accept by some, but the tech companies and their leadership care nothing about the First Amendment of our Constitution. These groups see the Constitution as being in their way from achieving their spiritual and political agenda of gaining power and control of the Nation. This tech takeover is not being achieved with guns or bullets, but by the selective manipulation of all our information to the average citizen in order to bring about their view of reality and conform it to theirs, however corrupt or evil it might be.

Now if you go back to the beginning of the Creation Story in Genesis 1, you realize that all we ever have to stop darkness and chaos from taking over the world are words of truth from God that bring order and meaning to life. Just before the Lord spoke His wonderful words, "Let there be light" in Genesis 1:3, the world was in a mess...just like now. Without God in our lives every moment, everything is dark and chaotic. That is exactly the human condition we are experiencing at this moment of history as the tech companies have done everything they can to remove God from our society and replace the Lord with their own "god", namely themselves. They are using their power and influence to replace the Word of God with their own words. They are working to shape our reality in order to put themselves at the center of life and fulfill the devil's lie in Genesis 3:4-5 that we would never die and would be "god" ourselves. That is the vision the tech giants have for America and the world. As a result, the battle we face is ultimately spiritual not political.

Our tech giants have imposed a terrible tyranny on all of us by corrupting our elections, our democracy, our families, our lives and even our view of God Himself. They have twisted and manipulated the words we see and hear each day to take us away from the true Word of God that wants to bless and protect us with real love. All of this great drama was seen in the Garden from the beginning of Creation in Genesis. The Lord placed us in a beautiful garden with just one, important choice before us. That choice was to choose between the Tree of Life or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Genesis 2:9-17. Tragically, humanity chose to have the tree with the knowledge of good and evil. Virtually no one seems to see that this tempting tree is our modern technology revolution and the Internet with its many seductions and evils available to the world at the click of a mouse. Most people today cannot see that this seductive tree is taking the world away from God and the life with the Lord that we were designed to have with Him from the beginning.

Perhaps the greatest discovery anyone can make in this hour of tech tyranny is to understand that all the words we ever hear or read ultimately point to the Word, even if we don't know that. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Word of God and is God Himself, as we are reminded in John 1:1. Everything in life is about the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord was the Tree of Life that was offered in the Garden to humanity. In Him and in Him alone is the life we are all looking for (John 1:4). Our fascination with technology and the seeming power of the Internet cannot love us or make life meaningful. Technology cannot save us from sin, nor can it give us everlasting life in this life or the world to come. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can do that for us. If there was ever a time to find life, to find the real Lord and His Gospel it is now.

In closing, no tech company will ever silence God; no manipulation of information will ever stop the Lord of glory from saving His people from their sins. Right now, our Lord is sharing His Word and salvation with this world in articles like this by the power of the Holy Spirit. These wonderful truths cannot be stopped by power hungry tech executives, corrupt politicians or the Internet. So, let's all remember in this important prophetic hour that Jesus still saves sinner. I am glad he saved me! How about you?