Who Can You Really Trust?

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

truthMuch of the world today is watching the drama surrounding an attempt by the USA to broker an agreement or treaty with Iran regarding her right to enrich uranium. This attempt has seemingly turned desperate on the part of the USA and the Obama Administration. Many commentators and leaders wonder why this effort seems to continue since Iran has a history of broken agreements with just about everyone and continues its irrational threats of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” How do you make meaningful agreements with a nation like Iran that is seen by most intelligence experts to be the chief sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East? Good question.

The central part of the story, however, is not about Iran’s search for nuclear energy or even possible weapons, but the outright betrayal of Israel as an ally and friend. America was Israel’s first friend in the world when President Harry Truman wired Israel on May 15, 1948, just after midnight, and recognized the new Jewish nation and promised our support. From that time onward, America and Israel were as close as two nations could be in the world.

I well remember attending the AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee) meeting in Washington during the summer of 2008, just before Obama’s election as President that fall. Then candidate Obama stood before the large crowd and made an eloquent speech about his unreserved commitment to the security of Israel, in order to garner the Jewish vote. The theme of that year’s conference was “Built to Last,” referring to the hope that the relationship between Israel and the USA would last forever. Apparently President Obama’s understanding of “Built to Last” meant about 6 years or so.

However a deeper look at this current situation reveals the heart of the Bible and the Lord’s plan for Israel and the world. Israel’s close relationship with the USA in the past reveals a deeper need the nation has had throughout her history since the Exodus out of Egypt. Israel’s deepest need is a real friendship with someone that would be “Built to Last” forever. Israel’s deepest need was and is a friendship with the Lord. It is her friendship with the Lord that has always defined the nation’s purpose from the beginning and always will in the future. Israel’s history has sadly been a clear story over and over again of her betrayal by other nations. And yet in spite of these betrayals, the Lord was always there in the end, even if Israel didn’t understand the love and grace behind His dealings with her as a nation.

Right now the world is heading toward a third world war according to the Bible. The world is sadly replaying the same scenario of forced negotiations and betrayal with Iran that was attempted with Hitler during the 1930’s. The one common denominator between Iran and Hitler is an irrational hatred of the Jews. Few seem to have connected the dots of this obvious parallel from the past. Few want to today.

The Good News for Israel and all of us that is missed by most of the world is the profound truth that the Lord is still her friend and always will be. As the well-known Christian song goes, “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear.” Political deals and betrayals with supposed friends are to be expected, but the steadfast love of the Lord will last forever.