Confusion & Delusion

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

Bury your head in the sand 1Are you excited and hopeful about the future? I am.

However, if a person was to look at the news and listen to what some of our "experts" and "leaders" are saying about the future it would be easy to be pessimistic. Just this week, as a case in point, an eminent Australian scienties, Professor Frank Fenner, who helped to wipe out smallpox, predicted humans will probably be extinct within 100 years because of overpopulation, environmental destruction and climate change. According to Professor Fenner, human beings will come to an end as a species sometime in the foreseeable future.

Professor Fenner is hardly alone in his pessimism.  This global gloom about the problems of the world and its hopeless future has been going on a long time. We see it in doomsday movies from Hollywood about the end of the world that shock and scare a generation of our youth. We hear it in the classrooms of our universities telling students that climate change will dramatically affect their lives.  We hear it from our politicians that something must be legislated now, while we still have time.  Did you notice that all of these alarmists seem to be saying the same thing?  Human beings are ruining this planet and only the governments of the world can save us if we support their leadership. Also, people who deny such “experts” and “leaders” and their solutions aresaid to be the real problem.

One of the most powerful statements that any Christian can make in this hour is the FACT that the world is not going to end... ever!  Jesus did talk about an “end of the age” in Matthew 24:14, but the Bible never speaks about an end of the world.  The “end of the age” our Lord talks about is when humanity’s leadership without God comes to an end.   That is problem now.  Human beings are trying to run the world without God.  If you doubt that, ask Al Gore at his next lecture on global warming about his prayer meetings.  Of course, there aren’t any because he doesn’t believe God is in charge down here.  The Lord of glory is the “junior partner” on this planet.  People seem to have forgotten or don’t want to be reminded that the Lord created the world to be a beautiful thing that will continue forever. The Heavens and Earth will never come to an end according to Revelation 21.

What we have going on today are powerful delusions from many of our leaders reinforced by a sympathetic media.  These delusions have no basis in fact, but are repeated over and over and over to a confused public until they become gospel. Once people believe these lies they can be convinced or even coerced to do things to solve problems that never existed. These mass delusions were predicted by the Bible long ago. I encourage all of your to read II Thessalonians 2. This is an amazing chapter that speaks about how the world rejects the Lord and His truth and is allowed to believe a series of delusions as a judgment.  That is not just something that will happen in the distant future, it is happening right now before our very eyes.

The confusion of this time is not just the mass delusions believed by the public, but the fact that many in the Church world believe them too.  Even the Pope was quoted this past week as believing some of these gloomy predictions.  If there was ever a time to proclaim the Good News of a GREAT future with the Lord Jesus Christ – it is now.