When God Rocks Our World

Written by Jeff Carlson on .

RichterScaleHow does the Lord get your attention? How does the Lord get our attention as a Nation? Well, the Lord got my attention last Saturday in a way I never imagined. I was watering some plants in our house at 12:23 pm when the whole house started to shake. Thinking it was the wind, I looked outside and noticed the trees were still. I then looked at a bottle of water on the table and noticed the water was moving in the bottle. I was experiencing an earthquake... in Michigan. Now I had lived in Los Angeles during seminary and experienced a few there, but earthquakes in Michigan are so rare nobody even thinks about them. They don’t happen here.

Sure enough, later that day, the Drudge Report posted its headline about a rare earthquake in Michigan. The earthquake registered 4.2 on the Richter scale and thankfully no damage was reported. Now, when things like that happen I tend to wonder why, and what, if anything, the Lord is trying to communicate. How interesting then that the earthquake came only a week after oral arguments started in the Supreme Court about gay marriage. Trying to change the definition of marriage should shake up and unsettle anyone, since marriage between a man and a woman is the foundation of every society in history.

I believe the earthquake in Michigan and the moral decline of this county are connected. Do you?

Maybe the deeper question the world needs to ask tonight is whether or not the Lord ever warns people about things. Good parents warn their children with words and actions before they discipline those children. Surely the Lord of Glory is a better Parent than any of us. And yet we seem to be living in a surreal world today in which people on the Supreme Court or any other office with power and authority seem to believe they can do anything. Even God can’t say “No.” An increasing number of people only feel answerable to the latest poll-driven mob or to those with the most money, the loudest voice, or the most power. It’s as if we are returning to the ancient Roman Empire and the forces that brought it down.

People today, and even many churches, have this strange idea of a “god of love” that never is really concerned about anything we do. Things like marriage end up becoming anything we want it to be... a dog and four lawyers... two men and one woman... whatever. The Lord just “baptizes” our whatever. Sin has disappeared from our vocabulary today and all that seems to matter is how people feel and what they want to do. The Lord who created Heaven and Earth is now humanity’s silent and junior partner. We call the shots.

And yet, one day in the near future Reality will finally arrive. The Supreme Court won’t be there anymore, nor the President, Congress, or any other official. All there will be is a Holy God. His judgments won’t be subject to review by any media pundits or the next election results. It will be an exciting time if we have come to embrace the real Lord who died on a Cross and has forgiven our sin. It will be a Day of Good News.

Before that Day arrives, the Lord is trying to get our attention. Right now, in so many ways, the Lord is rocking our world. The Lord is literally unsettling the ground under our feet so we all run to the Solid Rock and find His grace and salvation in an uncertain time.